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favorite small game gun

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for squirrels i use a Marlin Model 17 .17 HMR with a Simmons 3x9 scope

for other small game i either use a Remington 870 wingmaster 12 gauge or a Winchester Model 1200 20 gauge ...

whats your favorite small game gun

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still using the 878 Remington 12 gage i have been using for 51 years for about everything small .
Winchester mdl 62A and browning bps 20ga
Have a single shot 12 gauge that my grandfather gave me when I first started hunting. That is about all I use. If I dont hit it with the 1st one then I need to be a better shot. Even Rabbit hunting that is all I use.
I use a Savage side by side 20gauge for rabbit,pheasant and grouse.For squirrel I just picked up a Marlin 880SQ 22.
depends on my mood the morning i wake either my stevenson 12ga single shot for squirell or my savage 22 mag bolt .. or i take take the remington 1100 20 ga with improved cylinder barrel for dove. and pheasent.
i use a 12 gauge shot gun for everything.I just use size 8 trap shot shells for small game.I love rabbit hunting with my dogs.
The name of that 12 guage Shotgun is a Harringon & Richardson Model 088. Just took it out to look at it.
I like my Ruger 10/22 or my single shot 410 for squirrels, and my Mossberg 12 ga pump for all the rest. If I feel extra sporty I'll use that little 410 for Doves. Ever try using a Bow for Squirrels?
good to see ya around crossxsticks. been a bit.

i had a 4-10 bolt action when i was younger. 3 shot clip. it had a brass guard and stock plate. wish i hadn't sold it.
I use a single shot 410 or a .22 automatic for squirrels, depending where I am hunting (subdivisions are moving in on my squirrel woods) and I use a 12 guage Browning automatic for everything else - rabbits, quail, pheasants, dove, and turkey. I haven't done any waterfowl hunting in years. The older I get the less I like the cold and early morning hours.
I'm with Bill, I shoot a 10/22 for rabbit, squrril and ****, and a Mossberg 500 for birds.
I use a Rem. 552 with a 4X Tasco scope loaded with .22 shorts for most of my squirell hunting excursions.
The only hunting I do is for squirrels and 90% of the time I use my 410 single shot. I do take out the 12 ga pump just to get the cobwebs off of it every once in a while.
squirrels early season-870

late season-1022 or marlin bolt 22

rabbit-870 or springfield double 16

pheasent-springfield double 16

somthing about that old double wont let me miss. just fits rite i guess. :confused:
h @ R 410 single shot my grandpa gave me use it for squirrel
870 express 12 gauge for everything else
i like to a use a savage model 24 over/under with a .22 long rifle on top and a 3" 410 chamber on bottom. its perfect for hunting squirrels.
Ruger 10/22 with a Clark barrel. Topped off with a 4X16 scope. God bless.
Iam in the market for a shotgun. i already want to get a 12 guage but i cant decide on a smaller one iam stuck between the 28 guage and the .410 can anybody shed some light on the basics of the smaller two like cost for rounds and power ratio. iam looking for a smaller gun that can take small game but wont have too much trouble takeing on a bit larger like a fox or coyote. any help on the 28 and 410 would be greatly appreciated
Thanx :)
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