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Favorite hunting area

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mine is the farmlands of NEPA ... i love the rolling hills and woods of PA ... its a great place to get a good sized Whitetail .... last year i got my personal best an 8pt which i had mounted ... shes a real beaut ...

whats your favorite area

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If I hunt, it's going to be right here at home on the farm. I'm not going anywhere to hunt deer especially when we need to kill alot of them right here.

I was just outside listening to a fawn bleat repeatedly for his mother.

After the latest round of timber gets cut off the farm i'll be right in the middle of a 50 acre tract surrounded by big cutovers and fields. It will be more of a shooting gallery then it already is.
I cant wait for Bow season to open up Sept. 15th There are at least three trophy bucks right behind my house. I finally got my stand put into the woods on a great trail......OH boy oh boy oh boy :D
Chuck if you get any scouting pics of those Bruisers please post will ya ... I love deer pics


I had two camera's in the woods I was thinking about putting one right in front of my stand but one of them got stolen last year so Im trying to figure a way to chain them to the tree. Its unreal how much stuff gets stolen right on your own land. Ive also had a corn feeder stolen. They dumped my corn out and took the feeder. The sheriff said I could shoot at them if they are on my land........
Ill put one out and try if I get a good shot I will post it.
Mark, save me a spot in the shooting gallery. Ain't nothing like farm raised deer. :D
All you have to do is show up.
You want the living room window, kitchen window, or the bedroom window?
It sounds like you have a nice place Mark. I mostly hunt private and public land here in SW Ohio.
It's not a trophy haven but there are plenty of deer to shoot at . Our numbers are way out of wack. We have tons of doe.
This farm has put out some impressive bucks averaging 1 a year I would call a trophy.
it usually gives one up 200 pounds or slightly better on the hoof a year which is big for eastern NC.

my cousins son was hunting out of lockon over a field a few years ago.
I had just gopt home from work and heard an 06 go off. 2 or 3 minutes later it went off again. About 5 minutes later the third round goes off.
15 minutes later he is at my door wanting help to get 3 deer scattered all over the field into a truck.
here in ohio i hunt some property owned by family, during gun and black powder season to many nicumpoops out there that fire at anything to be hunting public land during those times and when its archery season i usually hunt a placed called heuston woods mainly cause i like the challenge
Hey Hawg hunter.
I used to live in Jacksonburg, hunted and fished the Hueston woods park area a lot. There used to be a large farm over on 503 owned by a Mr.Baker about 175 acres and he allowed a limited number of hunters per year. I believe he has passed on now and his sons took it over. Like Mark, I now live on a nice farm in Ky and I won't be leaving it to hunt.
I posted this before and Ill post it one more time if you would like a great hunt go here and register for the Hunt #77 Fort Leonardwood Hunt if you are chosen for the hunt you can stay at my place and hunt the is the link you may have to cut and paste into the browser..... You would be responcible for everything except food and lodging you can stay at my house..... Any questions PM me and Ill answere them for you. THIS IS A HISTORIC FIREARMS HUNT IE: MUZZLELOADERS, LONG BOW OR COMPOUND BOW.
CHeck these game pictures out.


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great pre season pics SSG Johnson ...

hes gonna be a beauty ...
I love hunting on my grandpas farm in Fulton County, IL. The Bryant Buck was killed here in Fulton County and was 100 yards from one of my stands.
Well, my favorite place to hunt is the Big Horn Mts of Wyoming. :D As those mts are over 1200 miles from me I only get to hunt them about every other year. My favorite local hunting area is my lease in north central Arkansas. We have 600 acers in two different plots. One is 250 acers and no cattle on it for over 15 years. Very thick cover. We have four acers of Whitetail Clover food plots on this area. Lots of deer and turkey. The other plot is 350 acers. This more open countery. No food plots because of the cattle. We have taken some real nice deer on this spot as well. Last year I took a nice 8pt with my muzzle loader and my 16 year old took a nice 8pt with his rifle.
Nice pics ssg johnson. I used to hunt in NE Pa and got a real nice 8pt there. But now I live in Spring Lake, NC and didnt make it out last year as I dont know where to go down here. I archery hunt and rifle. I havent got a deer yet with my new bow but would sure like to.
Well i currently reside in CA and am going out deer hunting down here for my first time this season.

I woudlsay my favorite hunting grounds though would have to lie on Kodiak Island, AK. Love hunting blacktail out there average seeing 50-100 deer per day and no people for the 9-14 days when we're there all you have to worry about are bears.
Real nice pics SSG Johnson. I have a 10pt here on the farm, been trying to get some pics of him but nothing yet. He is probably 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 yrs old.
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