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Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by Bill in SC, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Folks, I'm sure many of you have hand held GPS systems. I'm figuring to buy one pretty soon. Can anyone shed any light on which brand of GPS would be the best bang for the buck, simplest to use, etc etc? I see many NEW GPS units on eBay for about half what they sell for in a store. I guess times are tight and folks are selling cheap. I have been looking at the Magellan 1200. Pros, cons, advice?

    Bill in SC
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    Bill I actually have two handhelds. I have a Lowrance Eagle and a Garmin E-trek. They are both at least three years old. I found good and bad in both but for the money I think the Garmin e-trek is easier to use and smaller in size. Nice toys to play around with.:wink:

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    Depends on what you want it for, Bill. If you want it for fishing and such, the magellan 1200 may not be what you need, since it appears to be designed primarily for highway use.
    A unit that either has good maps installed, or preferably one that you can install the maps you need, would be best for off road use. Naturally, the larger screens are better. I have several handhelds, and I guess my favorite among them is the Garmin GPSMap76; not certain if that model is still available. Some of the newer models of gps have expansion slots for map cards. Other units come preloaded with maps, but how hard is it to update those maps later, if necessary?
    Do some research via google, (such as http://www.ehow.com/how_7008_buy-handheld-gps.html) and decide what might work best for you. You may not even need a model with mapping, if you just want to mark those honey holes, only. :wink:
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    I think the lowrance is easier to use as their menus match the menus of the eagle/lowrance depthfinders. Also the lowrance will run lowrance chips or navionics.
    The Garmins use garmin software excluvisely.
    Another bonus is the lowrance comes with a 12v power cord standard.
    However garmins are nice units and if I was going to get a garmin it would be a 60csx. It is a nice unit.
    No expert-just my humble opinion.
    Bill no matter which unit you buy make sure it has the potential for optional mapping capability.Since you fish primarily rivers consider purchasing the topographical software with either unit.
    Bill check on the geocaching forum. Those guys are experts.
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    Many thanks to you for mentioning the Geocachers, yes they are smart on the GPS.