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  1. brinley45cal

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    So who everyones favorite driver? I myself am a big bobby labonte and tony stewart fan.I was lucky enought to go to the brickyard this year to see tony win his first indy race,it was awsome.
  2. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Richard Petty was my favorite for years, so during Richard's last year in racing ,I decided to go with a rookie that came the same year. Just happened to be Jeff Gordon in the #24. Used to watch Gordon race the sprint cars at IRP (Indianapolis Raceway Park) when I was living in Indiana. His brother Eric is a very good driver also.

  3. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I like to say anybody in a chevrolet but I dislike a few of them.
    Right now with the way NASCAR has gone the way of ticket sales and tv markets I say anybody that bucks the system.
    My favorite driver of the week last week goes to Dale Jarret.
    Now that is the way the sport used to be from the days when racing was indeed racing and there was a price to pay for your actions on the track And I dont mean NASCAR imposed fines. You cant fine these guys. They make way too much money for fines.

    Wolfman, Petty was always my favorite growing up. When I finally got to go to my first race at Rockingham I was about 12 years old. I went with a great uncle and aunt and my mom and dad. They had permanent VIP seats in the carolina lounge at the rock. My great uncle was the biggest fan the silver fox ever had but he pulled for Petty that day. Petty won on my first race and what turned out to be the last race for my uncle. He died 3 weeks later.
    He was cremated wearing a David Pearson t-shirt.

    Some time later dad carried me to Richard Petty day at his home in Randleman. We stepped out of the car in a field and stepped in a line immediately. 3 hours later after we had gone maybe a 1/4 mile or so down the shoulder of the highway we stepped out of line and just walked up to the festivities. The line was to go through the shop and trophy room and to get an autograph. Amazing! We hadnt even progressed halfway in 3 hours.
    I still love to listen to Richard speak about the old days and paying his dues on and off the track when drivers not only drove the race car, but built it and got it to the track.
    I love the old veterans whether they are still racing or not. The were and are the sport of stock car racing.

    Since you like Gordon, I went to the Hendricks facility about 2 years ago. To be exact it was the Monday after Jimmy Johnson won Loudon because we showed up when the hauler was pulling in .
    That day we toured Hendricks, DEI, and RCR. Most of those shops are within a few miles of Charlotte Motor Speedway.
    If you ever get down, stop at the track gift shop, they'll give a free map showing you where the different shops are.
    The two must sees are the Garage Mahal and RCR racing. Chocolate Myers has put together the absolute best stock car museum in the old Dale Earnhardt garage. They had over 60 race cars on display from the theme cars to the Intimidator cars Luminas and Monte Carlos.
    The trophy room is the latest addition Earnhardt's and Childress' safari hunts, deer hunts, and fishing trip mounts are displayed. Well worth the 8 bucks admission for 2 hours of museum.
  4. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK
    1. Bill Elliot
    2. Kasey Kahne

    i like clean drivers that don't whine, which eliminates 2/3 of the field
  5. s_self88

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    Shawnee, Kansas
    My favorite drivers were Terry Labonte, Bill Elliott, Mark Martin, and Rusty Wallace. But since they are retired or retiring, my new favorite drivers are Carl Edwards and Ken Schrader. I like Hendrick Motorsports too.
  6. spoonfish

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    Warsaw, Mo.
    1= Jeff Gordon
    2= Jimmy Johnson
    Not looking to good for the # 24 this year :confused:
  7. rodpod

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    Evansville, Ind
    Titleist 905T, Speeder shaft.
  8. center12

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    Carl Edwards, watched him win the Truck race at KC a couple of years ago............totally awesome driving job. It's been neat watching him make his way up the racing ladder.
  9. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    1- Jeff Gordon
    2- Dale Jr.
    3- Kasey Kahne
    4- Tony Stewart
    5- Jimmie Johnson
    6- Bill Elliot
    7- Sterlin Marlin

    When I started watching Nascar, Ididn't know who to like. I don't know why, but I liked the driving of the black #3 car. My favorite driver QUICKLY became Dale Earnhardt with Jeff Gordon 2nd. However, I would LOVE to see Nascar sponsor a race for the old time drivers. DW, Dale Jerret, Bill Elliot, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd, and the like. Build some cars special for it that go by the rules of the "squared" cars. Put in today's saftey features, and a smaller 6 banger and let them go at it. Show today's Nascar fans what races really used to be like. Where the DRIVER made the differance, not a pit stop that was 1 second slow.
  10. brownie

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    Bartlesville, O
    Jeff Burton, since Dale is no longer with us.
  11. capt.kirk

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    I will always have respect for KING RICHARD he along with many others have
    made the sport what it is today.then here comes along a very talanted young
    man JEFF GORDON who had a great bunch of people behind him.we will never
    forget the very rough and tough DALE ERNHART.Now back to the question of
    favorite driver, and i know this is probably going to start a debate but i have
    to say that TONY STEWART is the best all around driver there is today they
    have not built any thing with 4 wheels that he cant drive and win.i will go out
    on a limb and say that as soon as CARL EDWARDS gets an attiude adjustment
    he will one to keep an eye on.this is probably enough said for today.
    NEW PORT RICHEY FL. :0a36:
  12. s_self88

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    Shawnee, Kansas
    I'm not a Tony Stewart fan but i agree that he is a very good driver, but not the best. I also think that Carl Edwards will someone to keep an eye on, maybe a championship in the next couple of years. Another driver to keep an eye on is Clint Bowyer in the Busch Series. He drives the number 2 car. He started racing at the local dirt tracks in Kansas City, so did Carl Edwards.
  13. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    Favorite driver? I dunno I dont golf, but I hear that they make em with titanium now and all sorts a neat metals!

    OH oh.. oh... NASCAR!!! LOL

    I like the guy with the neat car with all them stickers on it... the one that drinks Cokepsi and BUDILLER sponsors him with FEDUPS......


    Guys, I am a new feller in the NASCAR thing. Mostly cause of my father in law is into it and I cant change the channel when I am at his house cause he guards the remote as well as I guard my tackle box. But alas, he went fishing with me a few times so I had better learn this sport called racing.

    I will likely be a lurker here so I can get news and updates from you all and perhaps my father in law and I will one day have a coherent car conversation that doesnt involve me sneaking off to a book to figure out WTH he is talking about under the hood.

    I am a learner here... and of no use to anyone who needs to know anything about a car ever. To me, if it gets me to work I am happy. Beyond that I never paid any attention till my faddah in law came along. Someday Ill know where the snipe-baggie connects to the BS Filter. Though my father in law claims my BS filter's broken beyond repair. LMAO

  14. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    I miss the old King Richard and David Pearson days. I still remember a quote when Richard was talking about one of his most embarrassing moments.

  15. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    no. 1 mark martin
    no. 2 dale jarrett
    no. 3 dale earnhardt jr.
    no. 4 anybody behind these three and in front of tony hothead stewart
    and jeff gordon.
  16. stoney

    stoney New Member

    wait a minute no one mentioned kurt bush,also i like kasey kane,mark martin,and j. johnson.I'm lucky enough to go to taladaga SUPER SPEEDWAY two times a year,it's a blast..lots and lots of fun..... :cool: :D :D
  17. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    he did have one of the worst tempers and attiudes in raceing i think he has
    made a big improvement after he had to attend anger management school
    and was put on probation.lets look back at the man in black who i have a
    lot of respect for and what he did for NASCAR,he to was a great racer,but
    would fight you at the drop of a hat.the way i see it SPIRIT is the key word
    to becoming a great driver if you break their SPIRIT,you will just have another driver going around in circles.i also have been a fan of KYLE PETTY
    but due to the loss of his son he,has lost the fire he once had.i am still a fan
    of his,i would love to see him in VICTORY LANE again.he has the skills,if he
    can get regain the SPIRIT he once had.
    CAPT.KIRK :)
  18. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Capt.Kirk, I'm with ya on that one. If Kyle could ever get the HEART for racing back that he once had, he and the Petty team would be a force to be reconed with.

    Another example of a driver who lost their "spirit" for racing, Sterlin Marlin. He was #1 in the championship, driving like a bat out of you know where. Then he had two wrecks which cracked vertebre in his neck. He hasn't been the same driver since then. Same cars, same team, same equipment, and he hasn't dominated the field again.

    It is sad to see a driver loose their spirit.
  19. oldprowler

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    Mannford, Oklahoma
    To my mind there are no real drivers competing anymore --- only driving personalities. Even the few old school drivers that are racing today have been reduced to the status of a personality. To compare a driver today to a driver from the early days is comparing apples to oranges. Not one driver today can compare with the likes of Lee Petty, Buck Baker, Buddy Baker, Cotton Owens, Fireball Roberts, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, David Pearson, Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison, Davey Allison, Bill Elliott, Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt, Neil Bonnett, Geoff Bodine, Benny Parsons or Darrell Waltrip just to name a few.

    Yes, I know I have named a few that will still be on the track next Saturday or Sunday but they are not the same driver that they were before May of 1987 when Bobby Allison lost control of his racecar and wrecked down the front stretch at Talladega. For those of you that don't remember, his car became airborne and spun violently into the catch fence in front of the crowd in the stands. Only the fence and a whole bunch of luck that prevented Bobby's car from getting into the grandstand and killing a bunch of spectators. Beginning with the Daytona 500 in 1988 every Winston Cup race (now Nextel Cup) held at Daytona or Talladega has been restrictor plate racing.

    Then in rapid sequence NASCAR mandated the use of roof spoilers, and templates. With a few minor differences each car is the same within 0.5 inches, the largest tolerance allowed in any of the 30 or so templates used today. The only manufacturer provided parts are the hood, roof, and deck lid. Without the decals one car is almost exactly the same as another. Racing has changed from the fastest car and the best driver to the best strategies, pit strategy, tire strategy, drafting strategy, fuel strategy and maybe most important of all, engine life strategy and "keeping the car out of trouble". With each change the race outcome depends more on the car and less on the driver. And of course the strategy of getting their sponsor the absolute maximum amount of TV time. How many more changes remain until NASCAR is relegated to a "wrestling on wheels" status?

    Oh yes, you will say that it takes a tremendous amount of skill to take these machines around the track with 42 other cars at speeds up around 200 mph. That some drivers have that skill and others don't and that is why they are consistently in the top 10 finishers or in the bottom 10 or where ever they finish. On the surface I have to agree with you but if you will look further into the situation, you will find that no driver got into that position without about an equal amount of skill. Yes, they are racing door to door at a very high speed BUT I believe that the reason they can run door to door is not skill or nerve but trust in the other drivers and the predictability of actions taken in any given situation. Drivers are predictable, their spotters are at fault for most of the wrecks. Take away individual personalities and they are essentially cut from a common mold, clones if you will.

    In my opinion they have no more skill (and probably less) than the driver of an 18 wheeler fully loaded with swinging beef in the heavy interstate traffic of any city in the U.S. during rush hour. The vehicles around them have no predictability at all. Yet they rack up thousands of miles, accident free year after year.

    As an aside, Cory and I do have a collection of several hundred Dale Earnhard items. And yes, I still watch racing. No I do not watch wrestling. LMAO
  20. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    I will have to say you put a lot of thought in your opnion on todays drivers.
    i to rembember the old days,but they are in the history books and we will
    never again see the real hardcore racers we used to have.the new drivers
    coming up have no FEAR and that seems to be what the owners want out
    of these young men,most of them that have no FEAR will end up having no
    friends.we still have enough old school drivers to keep them in line, they
    know how to give a pay back and make it look like they it was the other
    drivers fault.you know the old saying about paybacks.it is about supper time
    so i will get off for know,but before i go i will have to agree with 95% of
    your comments.
    CAPT.KIRK :cool: