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Favorite Deer rifle

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we will start this thread off with a BANG !!!! lol

mine before i was sick was a Remington Model 700 .243

but since i got sick i now use a Ruger Mark II SS in the Remington .260

whats your favorite ...

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I had always used the 30-06 until i read an article about the .308 in a gun magazine. For about a year I bought every magazine i saw mentioning the .308 then I just had to have one.
I started out with a sporterized Mauser in .308 and kept it for a year realizing it was a piece of crap but I knew what I wanted, it was just a matter of where to get it.
I finally located the the Remington 700 VS SF in .308 and have been more then happy with it's performance especially after some trigger work, adding a Harris bipod, a 6-24x44 sillouette scope, and a black nylon sling, with stainless quick detach sling mounts.

It's definately heavy and takes some getting used to especially in the woods since the barrel is so long. you have to duck lower then normal for the barrel to clear briars and vines if you have the weapon slung.

As far as shooting, I love a gun I can shoot as much as I can afford to.
You can run a hundred rounds through this puppy in an afternoon and not even realize it. All this while out performing any 30-06 i have or have had.
It doesnt have to be a long action caliber to put one way down range on target in the kill zone. :D
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that set up sounds SWEET mark ....

my dad would love something like that .... he uses a Ruger in the 30 - 06 cant remember the model number off hand .... he did have a Marlin .444 when i was samller i remember that gun shot like a mule and you could only shot about 5 shots and your shopulder was sore .... but that was years ago
since he has the .444

i like my .260 because of the weight and the short barrel ... its an awful pretty gun .... when i get some time i will take a picture of her ...

i cant shoot the heavy guns like i used to ... but i still get out hunting
so thats the best part ....

I've shot the .260 and liked it.
It was a loaner rifle when I had a clipped wing (broken elbow).
Another good caliber built off the .308 casing.
I have shot a pre 64 mdl 70 in 264win mag for the last 10yrs. The old gun shoots where I look and don't kick bad .
Man alive, I wish we could use rifles here in Ohio. My deer "rifle" is limited to a Rem. cantilever "Slug Gun" with a Nikon Scope sitting on it. That's the best I can do here.
I feel for ya. Some of these states have it all wrong by banning rifle hunting.
We won't even let anyone use a shotgun for deer on the farm here.
I would rather go one on one against a single 30 caliber bullet then a low velocity slug or buckshot. The odds are in my favor.
I saw a statistic several years back in a hunting magazine. It was something like 83% percent of :) hunting fatalities involving a firearm within a range of 100 yards were by shotgun.

Come on to North Carolina, I'll save a spot for ya. :)
this is going to be my first year shooting at a deer and i am going to be using a 30 30
Nothing wrong with a 30/30 for deer.
I started on one also and still have one.
Be careful with those lever actions.
I shoot a Weatherby 7mm mag with 165 gr Nossler Petitions while in the open. When I am in the woods I shoot a Marlin 30-30 side eject that my grandfather bought brand new in 1962, it's the best gun I have ever owned.
I dont know where i read it ... it could have been in Sports Afield or Feild and Stream but the 30 - 30 caliber has killed more deer than any model ...

Its an excellent starter gun and a all purpose gun ... the first gun i learned to shoot was a 30 - 30 ... Bolt action Savage ....

I believe that. You can't beat a good 30-30 for a brush gun. it will cut through alot of limbs and foilage that would deflect some of the other calibers.
I have used a Rem. 700 Classic in Win. 270 cal for 18 years now. I love the balance and feel of the old gun. I have take a lot of deer and hogs with it. I hope to pass it on to one of my son's one of these days.
I like my Weatherby .270 real well. I also like the .308 though, that my hunting partner uses.
Hookeye, I have a .308win. All I have ever done with it is shoot crows and paper. It is a Rem 700V with harris bi-pod, 6x20x40AO gold ring, tiger stripped camo, with a 16-20 oz trigger pull. It is not for hunting, game any way. I built it up about 15 years ago. I have shot 5 round groups with .500 moa quite a few times. All most always less than .750 amo. I like that rifle. But it ant for deer hunting. :D I shoot seirria 168hpbt match with psi form cases. I use cci lr primers, and H414 powder. I have shoot out to 400 yards with it and held a 2.5" group. I don't have a range to shot at anymore and for sure one that is 400 yards. I lost it when the close the dirt pit about 5 miles from the house.
Shot a 30-06 in the military as a sniper rifle for some time.
I now shoot a 280 mag remington and I gotta tell ya it is one of the best shooting rifles iv'e ever had.
my favorite is the .308win, had a ruger m-77 mountain rifle for years, but traded it for a thompson center encore. you can change barrels on the encore and i have a .45 cal muzzle loader also. but this year i'm going to hunt with my brand new .44 magnum pistol, it's a ruger super blackhawk hunter! can't wait to hit the woods this fall! :D
I have a 45/70 that I have used for years. I used to hunt the woods a lot and seen no need for 200 yard shots. I can use a 390 grain hollow point or flat 405 grain that spreads out like a fat nickel. Over the years I have had to put a scope on it because 'it don't shoot like it use to!' but now its fine.. that big ole slug will take the end of a soda can out at 50 or 60 yards through thick brush..
When the .260 was introduced by Remington a few years ago, I thought I just had to have one. A friend of mine in Mo. told me to check out the 6.5X55 Swedish Mauser and compair it to the .260. I did as he suggested and I have to say I was hooked. I now own four 6.5X55's. One is a custom made rifle by me and my favorite hunting rifle. I also built a custom 6.5X55 for my 16 year old son. I own two full military 6.5X55 Swedish Mausers that I shoot for fun. I have also built two 7X57's. One is my wife's hunting rifle and one I built just for fun shooting. There is nothing wrong with the .308 either. I built one for my 24 year old son and it's a shooter. The .308 is a great hunting cartridge. I also own a .243 made by Howa that I've owned for 20 years and I've taken a truck load of deer with it. Right now I'm working on a .280 for me and 300 Win Mag for my oldest son. I love the Mauser actions and working on these rifles. Nothing compairs to hunting, shooting, reloading, and catfishing. Those four things are my life's passions. :D Well, next to my wife of course. :p
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