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    I have seen alot of info on how to catch cats here but , I have not seen much about how people handle their catch after they get home . I have heard some wierd ones before , some people freeze the fish whole before cleaning or cooking it . I have heard other stories about people cleaning the fish and soaking it in vinegar overnight then cook itand eat bones and all. My favorite is to soak fillets in mustard and egg mix and then batter them in equal parts corn meal , flour , and italian bread crumbs . This is awesome for crunchy fried fish...
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    You should check out the boc diner. Lots of good recipes

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    I use the old stand by.

    Roll damp fillets in flour...deep fry until goldenbrown...season with Natures Seasoning...lemon/pepper...and coarse grind black pepper.

    Admittedly tho...perhaps the best fish I ever had was when my cousin and I were walk in fishing at the trout pit...and decided abruptly to camp/fish there overnite.

    We were fairly well prepared...no tent...but we did make a lean to out of a tarp that back in the bed of the truck.

    There was lots of wood for a fire...but we had no utensils...but there was aluminum foil in a grocery sack in my extended cab from a previous camping trip. (There also was toilet paper in that sack as well...Bonus!)

    I also had three 2 liters of diet pop..and 2 partially full cans of pringles...and a few fast food salt, pepper, and several fire hot taco bell salsa packets.

    And of course we had two cases of beer as well. (And a trash bag...thank you)

    All we could manage to catch were several small to medium sized brown trout.

    We decided that gutting them...and then cutting the head off...wrapping them in foil...seasoning with the salsa...and then cooking them in or over a bed of coals would do the trick.

    There was a very large log that was previously half burnt that we had been burning for firewood...we placed the foil packets on the edge of the log...and then turned them 15 or 20 minutes later....and let them cook for that much longer.

    We then salted and peppered the broiled fish...and that was damn good for a trout. We cooked fish for the better part of the night like that.

    Admittedly...everything tastes better when you're camping...and further...living off the land with but only a can total of pringles as a back up.

    But that truly wasn't bad for a trout dinner. (something I normally wouldn't eat on purpose)
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    It's hard to beat fried catfish, but this recipe comes pretty close, and provides a change of taste.

    Place catfish fillets (preferably from 3#-6# cats) on a broiler pan. I like to cover the pan with aluminum foil to help in cleanup. Salt to taste. Spread mayonnaise over the fillet about 1/4" thick. (I haven't tried Miracle Whip, but it might just be pretty good, since it has a lemon taste.) Place as far away from broiler element as possible and broil till mayonnaise starts to turn dark brown. Check fillets to see if they're done. Usually they aren't. Change oven setting to bake at 350 and continue to cook till fillets are completely done.

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    hers some i posted in another thread, the baked one i really like.

    cooking catfish.

    the most popular way is frying. if you fillet the fish they can be fried. either fry whole or cut unto chunks 2-3" square. either buy a comercially available breading or try this.

    simple dry breading cup flour 1/4 cup yellow corn meal, 1/2 tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper . roll fillets in egg immed dip into this breading and place in hot oil.

    small fish under 1lb are best bone in. simply cut off head after skinning andf split belly and remove guts. wash well and do same as above.

    wet batter. 2 cups flour 1/2 to 3/4 can of beer 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1/2 tsp garlic salt. mix untill its like pancake batter. add 1 egg re mix. dip fish pecies into batter and place in hot oil.

    these are simple breadings and you can add any spice ya wish. more of salt and pepper can be added to taste.

    catfish can be baked as well. a good one i like is to take 2 fillets. place in a big piece of foil and lay in middle. place 1/2 can condensed cream mushroom soup on fish. add 1/4 can sliced carrots or 1 whole carrot sliced. add a stalk of celery sliced thin. 1` potato sliced in 1/2 and then into thin slices. dash with pepper and garlic salt and oregano. bake in pre heated oven at 350 deg for 1 hr. remove open and add some shreadded swiss or motzerella cheese and place back in oven on broil untill cheese just begins to brown. slide on plate and enjoy.

    fish can be grilled. sit fillets on foil. add salt pepper lemon juice. place on grill wrapped for 1/2 hr open foil and brown slightly.

    can also be placed on lightly oiled frying pan and seasoned to taste with salt pepper garlic salt ect... and fried without oil.
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    Here are several things you can do to get a little different taste to your recipes:

    1. Mix in some cajun seasoning with your cornmeal.

    2. Mix cornmeal with grated Parmesan cheese. (Any hard cheese will do.)

    3. Instead of cornmeal, use a rolling pin to crush Ritz crackers and coat your fish with that.

    4. If you like your fillets battered, like you get in the fast food restaurants, make a mixture of Bisquick and beer (or club soda). The thicker the mixture, the thicker the crust will be; likewise, the thinner the mixture, the thinner the crust. Coat your fillets well with flour, dip in the mixture, and deep fry at 375.

    Tip: Not everyone has a thermometer. While most of us have heard of tossing a 'strike anywhere' match into the oil to know it's at the right temperature when it lights, I never liked the idea of stuff like that in my oil. Instead, toss in several kernals of popcorn. When it pops, the oil is at the right temperature. Just keep in mind that for thin fillets, the oil needs to be a lot hotter than when you're cooking thick fillets. The idea is to have the coating turn golden brown at exactly the same time the fillet is just cooked. That way, your fillets are crispy on the outside, and moist and tender on the inside.

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    sometimes i add dry mashed potato flakes to a dry breading too. they add a bit of crunch.
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    You can also make up a seafood gumbo; put the fillets in 30-45 minutes before you're ready to eat. Ladle the gumbo over rice and gently remove the fillets with a spatula and place on the pile of gumbo/rice. You can suit yourself whether you make just a catfish gumbo or a full blown seafood gumbo with other seafood in there too.

    By the way, how many out there DON'T know the difference between gumbo and file gumbo?
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    i like the mustard fried catfish personally
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    My wife loves some fried catfish but i prefer a stew.
    I have worked on this for awhile and thik it will hord up to the test.
    When i make it i use a double so it will not burn. This is my recipe.

    about 8 to 10 lb. catfish fillets
    (8) med. onions
    (5lbs.) potatos
    (2)- 6in. by 6in. slabs salt pork
    (1)- 12in. by 6in. slab of bacon
    (2)- 29oz. cans diced tomatos
    (1)- 29oz. can tomato sauce
    (1)- large bottle ketsup
    texes pete (to taste)
    black pepper (to taste)
    minced garlic

    I wash the salt off the salt pork and slice it into 1/2 in. slices down to the rind
    i do the same with the bacon and then fillet the meat from the rind.
    i lay the slices down and cut them long way and then turn them and cut into cubes.
    now i take a pot and put in about 3 heaping tbsp. of minced garlic in it and put in the meat cubes and cook until done.
    take out the meat with a spoon with holes to let grease drain.
    have the onions cut up the way you want. i cut mine into chunks
    fry them in the meat grease
    while you are cooking this you can have the potatos cut into cubes and cooking
    also have the fish cooking too.
    put the fried meat, potatos,onions, all three cans of tomatos, and ketsup into a double boiler
    drain fish and flake it up and add to pot
    add pepper and hot sauce to taste
    I cook mine for 3 hrs. and then let it sit about 6hrs. and then put back on for 2 more hrs. this gives it time to blend all the flavors together.
    if it gets too thick thin with fish water