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favorite bait

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wats all of yall favroite bait mine is cut skip jack
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I don't have the equipment to fish for flatheads yet, so i mostly fish for channels. My favorite baits are hotdogs, bee-jay doughbait, and wheaties. On my setlines i like to use live bluegill or cut shad
I like using Dip-baits and Cut-baits (Shad or Bluegills). :)

Bert :cool:
For 5 pound and up i use 3-4 inch perch(sunfish). I like goggle eyes the best.
For pan sized cats I dont think anything can beat a big ol wad of canadian nightcrawlers.
Livers cut shad and a dip bait that i make myself.

I just noticed something when i click the thing for the text to lean alittle to the right it don't.
my favorite bait at this time is cured liver i am going to try to start catching bream and bluegill to take with me when i go to nickajack or chester frost park hopefully that will work better than usual.
I have always liked using sun cured garlic chicken livers and shrimp. We've caught blues, channels, and flatheads with this combo. Good Luck All!!
Hog Wild Premo, Cut Shad, Live Bluegills, Garlic Cured Livers, all a staple of my everyday fishing.
I'd have to say shad if I'm using cut bait, and bluegill if I'm using em live. Also, after a good rain I use nightcrawlers almost exclusively. I hardly ever use stinkbait or livers, cause I figure they are more likely to bite on whats naturaly in thier environment.
If I have LIVE SHAD available, thats all I will use. If not available, then cut bait in the form of Common Carp, Asian Carp (The ones that provide not so graceful landings in my boat), and cut shad.
For channels my favorites ar Premos, and Bee Jay. But I'm still experimenting with new baits. But those are the ones that worked for me the best so far.
In this order...
1. Live shad or sm bream
2. Fresh chicken liver
3. Dip bait (Sonny's or Rusty's)
4. cut bait
5. Large clams
6. Large crawlers
7. crawdads
i use alot of softcraws and gills.sometimes i like to troll a gill head under a float right off the bottom .
Hey Brian,
What is Bee Jay and where do you get it? Can you get it at Catfish Connection?
If you can catch it in a castnet I will put it on a hook,otherwise it stays at the store,LOL. :rolleyes:
Bee Jay is a cheese based dough bait. (well at least thats what it smells like) It originated in Kansas and works good in local lakes and ponds. They don't have a website, but I am pretty sure that you can buy it out of the state of kansas.
I no longer pay for bait, so I'll have to agree with the cut skipjack. Today I hit the river around noon, and ended up with a 4lb channel, an 8lb flathead, and an 18lb blue - all on cut skipjack. Not only that, but it was frozen/thawed skipjack caught at the dam earlier this week. Second place goes to live shad (when they're running in the same place I'm fishing), and third place is a tie between cut shad and catalpa worms. I use bream when fishing smaller rivers for flatties.
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