fathers day report

Discussion in 'KENTUCKY RIVERS TALK' started by crazyKat, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. crazyKat

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    went out in owensboro yesterday. bite was slow. i finally found bait after couple hrs of looking. drifting was fast but did manage to put 2 blues in boat around 12pound and 15 pound. came on the same drift at the same time. was exciting for a few minutes anyway. i think they are gna turn back on anytine now. man it was hot:angry:
  2. fishassasin

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    Evansville, Ind
    thats good to hear ...maybe they will be biting for this weekend.... would be nice .... thanks for the report

  3. kuigy

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    Newburgh, IN
    It just occurred to me that since that's Kentucky on the other side of the Ohio, that I could look at this board too :big_smile: Not overly bright some days, or months.

    I agree, the blue bite should start up soon. Caught 5 little ones from 4 to 6 pounds on Saturday also a couple 5 pound channels. Also hooked a big carp on a striper lure. About 3' long, but my buddy knocked the hook out trying to net it.