Fathers Day Corona Lake

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    Started out for a get away with the wife and kids to lake corona. Got to the 91 near the 55 and ran into the worse traffic ever!!! Finally got to the lake and set up camp. Started dipping lines and taking down Heinikens' (sp) and Jose Cuervo. It was slow pickings on blue gills and a few tilapias. But it was fishing and the worse day of fishing is better than the best day away from the lake..LOL 8) The night progressed and we mingled with others around the camp grounds. The sun dropped and we continued soaking bait and waiting for the whisker fish to go on the chew. Around 01:30 I go major bendo and the war begins. I fight this fish for 45 minutes straight on 10 LB test before the drag freezes on my spinning reel! Oh OH :shock: I was feeling pretty good by this point but had to get this fish in. What should I do? By now the neighbor has come out and is talking to me , with net in hand, as I fight this beast... I wrap the line around my torso and cut the line. I reached over and grabbed the rod next to me and cut that one and spliced the line to this one,, Hoping that my knot is strong enough to hold on... :? The guy said Damn man You are a serious fisherman,, I laughed and all I could think of was a photo of me and this sturgeon in my brand new Team 57 beat the skunk shirt on... :D I fought the fish for a while longer and then it got stuck on something out there. Damn!!! I tried every angle possible from shore and couldn't get a boat because everything was closed. I let out line and thought he would freee himself to no avail... :evil: So I put the rod into the holder and watched it twitch periodically.. I just knew that it would break free but for some reason it never did???? :? Well I thought that is good for me... Time rolled on by and the sun started to rise and he was still hooked.. Another neighbor walked up and at this time my other pole was bendo too. I grabbed that one and set the hook and started to play this one and what would you guess happened next???/ The other pole twitched evrytime I pulled on this one... URGGGHHHH. There were now two fish or the first one had tangled the other line..
    I had a dilemna and considered breaking both lines and just giving up.. NOT!!! I couldn't ! The fisherman in me had to see this through.. So I decided to break the newest hooked line and stay with trying to get this big one in.. I tried to break the other line 15lb test and it came free.. It still had a fish on it.. I played that one on in and it turned out to be a 2 lb catfish... It was connected to an octopuss of lines and sinkers. I had four hook ups on this line and all were broken off except (DAMN) the one at the bottom.. IT was MY other Hook and sinker on the bottom of these other ones... This cat had tangled several lines broke off the one before he hit mine and then I caught him and he set my big one free. I looked and the hook was bent just enough to release the big one.. Oh well,,, I got something out of it.. and a great story that most won't believe LOL But at least I have witnesses and a photo of bendo with it.. We hooked up again and continued on with the day. We ended with 25 or so blue gills, 5 Tilapia perch and 5 catfish. The men set up two camp sites from us KILLED THE CATS.. They had thirty catfish between the two of them. They left the stringers in the water over night and when they pulled them out the next morning one catfish was nothing but a head!!! We all assumed that it had to have been one of the sturgeons having a snack.. This was a great outing with the family and friends and we met some great folks out there that will probably be a part of our future fishing.. Hope you enjoyed the post.. I will get picks after I get my reader hooked up to my computer. My main boxes power supply fried so I am posting from my desk at work SHhhh don't tell anyone.. LOL Later folks and tight lines to all..

    PS.. The hot bait up there was shrimp. Buy the ones with the heads on peel them and that goo in the head was an attractant I guess. The plain shrimp didn't work like the ones that we used that had heads still..