Father and son fishing on Lake Norman

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    My fun fishing partner (Cliff Compton) took his seven year old son (Garrett) catfishing yesterday (4-14-07). They got a late start and did not get their drift lines in until around 10:00 AM and fished until late afternoon. Sometime around 5 PM I get a call on my cell from young Garrett telling me that he caught a 12 pounder. Man was he excited. I asked him how many they caught and he said 23. I then asked him how many of those he caught and he said 23. I them asked him how many his dad caught and he said none. Father and son fishing together and catching fish, you just can't beat that!
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    mand thats is great im just waiting for my daughter to get alil older before i put her to watching the lines so her old man can nap. but right now i take my nephew everychance i get and it dont matter who catchs the most fish he always thinks he can out fish his uncle.