Father and daughter day out

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    well i had no plans on fishing this weekend due to the heat and me messing up my shoulder at work friday but this morning at around 5am my daughter came busting through my bedroom door,jumped on the bed and said "Let go fishin!" in one of those tones of voice that ya know ya better do what your told or somthing bad will happen lol.
    I had no idea where we where gonna go since all of the spots i know of that are close to the house are not suited for a 4yr old if ya know what i meen so i decided we would make the 45min drive and fish a place i know of that has some flat banks i wouldnt have to worry about her falling in.
    my daughter is not the most patiant person in the world so i didnt bring much bait or my cast net,but anyway we got out there and got set up and she started talkin about what ever popped in her little mind{which is alot lol} and she stopped in mid sentance and hollerd a sloud as she could and said "daddy! i got bait! at first i didnt know what the heck she was talking about until i looked at my rod and noticed it was twitchin a little bit lol
    the fish messed with it for awhile then all of the sudden the rod tip dove down,i grabbed the rod set the hook and told Alex to come here,i handed her the rod and said this ones yours,she tried her hardest to reel the crank on the big penn 220 and the 7' M/H ugly stick tiger looked like a 20' telephone pole in her little hands but she did great! she got the fish close to the bank by walking backwards and i was kinda shocked to see a decent flathead at the end of her line,i grabbed the line and pull the fish up on the bank for her and she started hollerin and runnin around and what not sayin "i got a fish! i got a fish" we weighed the fish and it weighd in at just shy of 9 pounds,i forgot my camera thsi mornign since she was rushin me out the door so i gave her and option,i said we can either take the fish home,show it to mommy and eat it for lunch or we can throw the fish back and maybe come back someday and catch it again,she didnt hesitate and said "throw it in the water daddy,well come back next week" i was proud of her for that,but i felt like a numb skull for forgeting the camera,we sat there for a lil while longer and got a few more hits but no takers,she finnaly said she was hot and wanted to go home so we packed up and went home. we got home around 10:00 or so and she is still talking about that fish,she called my dad and told them all about her fish and keeps asking me when we are going again. rite now she i slooking through my catfish connection catalog and pointing stuff out to my wife lol..im afraid i have created a monster....but i love it!
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    Congrats on a great fishing trip with your girl.

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    That is awesome to hear that you got out with your daughter. Thanks for sharing with us.
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    Good job Dad, way to go!!
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    Congrats on a nice fish and the wonderful way that you handled it. Its always nice to take the littleones fishing but even better when they catch something. Your going to have to get her a fishing pole that she can handle.
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    Pat Chaney
    Great job, Dad, for taking her out!! You're creating memories that will last her a lifetime.
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    MadKater - Great job gettin your daughter out fishing. It's a shame you didn't have your camera, that would have been a priceless photo!
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    It looks like you have created some fond memories for her and yourself Buddy. You haven't created a monster, you have created a new fishing buddy!!! Tell her that I said congratulations, and to not let you forget the camera ever again, LOL!!!
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    Thanks for the replys folks.....Alex really enjoys fishing...for how long i have no idea but i plan on soaking it all up before she gets to that age when i have to start scarin the boys away lol...here are a couple of pics from april or so,this was a great trip as well,we caught lots of bluegill that day,some of em i have no idea how they got the hook in there mouths but she sure liked catchin them little ones lol

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    Now she's a darling setting there in her chair waiting for the cork to disappear! That's a great thing you're doing with your daughter. I know alot of grown men that wont take the time to spend with theirs...they'd rather take their beer and their buddies and leave their children behind. That's ashamed too, cause if it aint for the kids then who's it for?!? I couldnt enjoy it more than watching the children catching fish, even if it werent anything more than bait sized bream. Those memories means more to me than any 20 pounder I've caught myself. Way to go Dad.........now.........LEARN TO TAKE THAT CAMERA ALONG FOR NOW ON!!!!!!!........he he he
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    That's a good post Kris, "That's what it's all about". You know that she will never forget that moment.:006:
    Now - that's the kind of things a father will do for his kids!

    The Right Kind Of Things!!!

    Good job!!

    Take it easy,
    Bert & Shaina
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    That is a really great story! Its great taking your kids fishing. My daughter started fishing around that age and she is now 9. She tells me how to fish now. lol Very cute girl you have and reps for taking her fishing!
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    kris those are great pics i think its great you take your kids fishing and you should feel lucky that she want to go i have three kids ages 11,7,8 and none of them like fishing i have to drag them away from the video game and make them go fishing with me i dont understand why they dont like fishing everytime we go, i go out of my way to make sure they have a good time and everytime they say they had a good time but they never ask me to go fishing and to be honest with ya most of the time they go fishing they end up swimming or just playing in the sand i dont make em go verry often but it just kills me watching them spend so much time on that d#mn playstation 2
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    Congratulations To Your Beautiful Daughter On The Catch, You Should Be Very Proud That You Have A Healthy, Happy Child & Are Able To Spend Time With Her And Promote A Good Father/Daughter Relationship.

    As For You & The Camera Ordeal, Well ......., I've Had Similiar Experiences, Now I Carry An Underwater Disposable Camera From Wally World. It Has Bailed Me Out Of What Could Have Been Deep Kimshee,:lol: .

    Give Your Daughter A Big Hug & Kiss & Start Planning Your Next Trip:wink: Elliot