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    I jus cant say enough how much the Fat Kat Bobber has saved my fishing year. I got a late start fishing this year. Before I started fishing I oredered a couple of Kat Bobbers from Pete at Wild Wolf Products. Then I started reading about them in a few threads, and I couldnt wait to try it. The wait was well worth it. First time out nothing but double digit Channels. Thats pretty much been the story for two months straight. Ive had four I can think of that havent been double digit. Same for the Flatheads, and two out of three Blues were double digits. I fish with Green Sunfish and occasionally shad. All my fish have been caught 3'-6' deep. I also try the Carolina Rig as well jus to make sure im not missing anything on the bottom. I would have to say 95% of my fish have been caught on a Fat Kat. Theres alot of catfish that cruise near the surface and in the middle. I wouldnt of thought so, till I saw it with my own eyes. After you see and hear a Fat Kat go under water cruseing along with a glow stick, ya kinda get addicted. With the Fat Kat I dont really set the bobber, the fact they have to pull so much styrofoam under water, and the resistance of the bottom pulling back on the water sets the hook itself. I jus got a camera finally to take some pics, so heres a couple Channels I caught on the Fat Kat. First is 17.8 and the second I cant remember, and a 6.1 Blue. I jus saw the floats are on a end of summer sale, so I think Ill head on over and pick some up for next year.

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