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    Anybody growing their own worms? I been thinking bout starting a worm bed and wonder if any brothers grow their own. I've read some material on the subject and it's all pretty much the same, cool dark place, keep soil moist, etc, etc, . Let me know what you all think.
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    If you've got half of a 55 gal plastic drum or a container of that size, I've got a friend that'll sell you a few hundred thousand worms for 25.00.

    He's got so many that he can't keep up with them and they're reproducing like rabbits wish they could.

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    I have what you could almost call a compost heap that I grow nightcrawlers in.

    I dug a hole in the ground 3'x6'x2'deep. lined the bottom with wire mesh, the same stuff as window screen. I built walls out of 1x12 boards and wooden stakes, and filled it with a combo of topsoil and worm bedding. I threw in a few dozen crawlers I bought from the bait store, and a bunch I hunted one night after wetting the lawn real good.

    every few days I throw some stale bread and shreded news paper on top and use a garden rake to till the worm pit up some.

    I have all the worms I could ever need now.
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    Ive also thought of raising some. Thing is, I live in Arizona & currently dont have a ac so I tuff it out during the summer months & dont think they would survive even being in a closet or other place that is usually damp & cool...
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    I have been raising my own worms for about a year now. I raise em inside as I also live in Arizona and that is about the only option I have here with the heat. I use a big rubbermaid container and as long as you watch what you feed them, you won't have a problem with smell or bugs or anything else. I use a mix of dirt and peat moss, although soon I am switching to strictly peat moss. You can feed them leftovers and such, just stay away from meat products and don't feed more than they can eat in a day or two. I actually bought a very large container of "worm food" at Sportsmans Warehouse here in Phoenix. Only a couple of bucks and you just sprinkle a line of it across the top of the dirt and once it is all gone, repeat. Easy and no mess.

    I just raise the "red wigglers" as they are very low maintenance. Nightcrawlers are a little more difficult to raise, but if you are going for the nightcrawlers, I would stay away from the Canadians and go with the European Nightcrawlers which are starting to gain popularity now, are fairly new in the States, are very very tough worms that will live in a very wide range of temperatures unlike the Canadian Nightcrawler. With the nightcrawlers you don't need drainholes in your container and you will need some kind of a lamp with a low wattage bulb to keep them in where they are supposed to be. They don't call them nightcrawlers for nothing you know, lol.

    I started out buying an extra container of worms every time I went fishing, one to fish with and one to dump into my container for "breeders" . It was only a few weeks when I started seeing babys as they breed, hatch, and grow very quickly. I forgot to add that I put drainholes in my large rubbermaid container (in the bottom), screen over the holes, and I set this container inside on of the smaller (shorter) rubbermaids on top of a couple of pieces of 2 x 4 so that there is room for the water to drain from the larger container. Hope that is clear. Anyway, this may be a lot of info for nothing I guess, if you are wanting to raise them outside, lol. But anyway, Whistler pointed you the right direction there and you can do a google search and come up with hundreds of websites about raising worms. It sure is worth it if you ask me. I absolutely hate paying for worms!
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    Thanks for the heads up on how I can save some $! Always greatly appreciated!
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    they love old coffee grounds. i used to get them by the bag full at a farm store where they had free coffee and they were more than happy to give them to me. just another way to save a buck!
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    I raise European Nightcrawlers and red wigglers in (seperate) rubbermaid tubs inside the house. You raise the nightcrawlers just like red wigglers, except they don't multiply as prolific. The big Europeans are great channel catfish bait and the smaller ones are great for bluegill and crappie. They are better than red wigglers because they stay on the hook better. There is lots of information about raising worms in general on the net, including two or three forums that are devoted to the subject. If you fish with nightcrawlers you can spend $25 or $30 bucks (shop the net for prices) and set up a worm bin and never buy another nightcrawler or red wiggler again.
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    Here is a good food for red worms , makes them fat and tough.
    Worm food
    50%---------------chicken layer pellets
    10%--------------- wheat or corn flour
    10%--------------- whole/skim powered milk
    20%--------------- bran or wheat meal
    10%--------------- Agricultural lime or dolomite.
    Mix the ingrediants well and sprinkle lightly on the food wastes about once a week.
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    I raise worms also. I just have an old square bale of hay that sits in an old dogpen. (concrete) My worms are whatever are leftover from fishing and whatever finds its way to the bale. they are wigglers. the only thing that i feed them is coffee grounds every now and then.
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    we used to have one of those particle board worm containers when i was growing up. we would buy crawlers every now and again, but we normally just bought about 6 dozen at a time, and by the time we used the last one, we'd gone through about 10 dozen. i always thought it was neat that they were breeding in our fridge right behind the leftover meatloaf. we never fed them anything though.
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    U can raise ur own worms with the right stuff.
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    at my mothers i can soak the ground with a sprinkler for a while before dark then go out about 11:00 with a flashlight and they are nightcrawlers everywhere up on top of the ground. can do that where i live now. if i dug some holes and put acouple of boxes in the holes do you all think they would breed and do ok. so i could get them that way in my back yard. what time of yr. do they breed or do they do it whenever?
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    If you can find a piece of ground in the shade, I would pile some loose hay over the area and keep it watered down every day and you won't have any problem finding worms. I ain't sure about the winter time but the rest of the time as long as the dirt is really moist you shouldn't need to bury any boxes either i don't think. The hay will help keep the moisture in. I have seen some people lay a peice of plywood over the area, but I think the hay or a big peice of rug would work better, as you don't have to move anything to water them.
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    I built my own crawler box out of plywood. I drilled small holes in the bottom for drainage. I would take topsoil and mix it with shredded newspaper. Then every now and then i would throw our coffe grounds on top. Worked for a couple years.
  17. Aquacat

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    guys, if a bought a rubbermaid container and put it in the garage would I be able to raise european nightcrawlers?
  18. crazy_crappie88

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    Yea I had a styrofoam box with newspaper shreds at the bottom of the box.I would dig up worms and put them in the box.I bought this feeder from bass pros shops.It makes them very big within a couple of days.Good luck and i hope this helps.
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    how often do night crawlers breed?
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    Hey aquacat. Yeah, you can raise Europeans in nothing but a rubbermaid container, but you are going to need to put a lamp on them or they will crawl out and run off. Nothing more than a 40 watt light bulb will keep em in the dirt where they belong. I have heard that with the Europeans, you don't need drain holes either so that makes it even easier.