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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by pursuit, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. pursuit

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    I don't think I have ever eaten a wild/natural catfish before. The supermarket sells farmed raised fillet, the park and lakes I go to are planted by farmed raised cat. Are wild Channels or other species of Catfish better tasting. I was told that the big farmed raised ones would taste better than the big ones that was born in the wild. This is because their diet is regulated until their plant or removal from the farm. The old natural ones, eat all kind of stuff and the quality is not as good. Is this true? I understand the farm probably wants to raise them and fatten them in the shortest time possible so who know, they are probably feeding them all sorts of hormones and stuff. I know there's quite a distinction between the farmed and natural Salmon. What about catfish?
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    farm raised is what you eat in most restaurants.
    I like the way cats taste out of my lake. there is no warning , restrictions on the amount of fish to eat from my lake. All I know is, they taste much better than restaurants farm raised. Maybe it's the way I cook em or the beer. :smile2:
    Other lakes are different and so are other states.

    Got a say, food off the shelf probably has more bad stuff than good in it.

    You will get many replys to this question. :tounge_out: :cool2:


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    Well The bad thing is not all pond raised cats or just that. Their or alot of river fish being taken to ponds and then coming to the market as pond raised cats. At a meeting with DNR here in my state i found out that 375.000 pounds of catfish went to market from the river i fish in 2005. and they went to market in 4 or more states. I also found out that as we have been told not to eat more then 8oz of catfish a month rom the river. that they haven't found any thing in the fish from our waters in over 4 years but it has never been told. So most anglers think that the river is still bad to eat the fish by the fish are going to market for money. something to think about
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    I perfer what I catch. Maybe because I caught it. I do not eat anything over 22". Because BIG CATS don't taste as good to me and they have been in the water for so long they might be tainted with pollutants.
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    i would think if the cat was a true farm raised fish that it would taste better just for the fact that a cat fish is a scavenger.. but you know what i'll eat them either way:smile2:
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    The best tasting cats I've eaten have come from either a farm pond I fish or a small local lake that is very clean. However, I've eaten fish out of a local river, the Little Sandy, that half the time is so muddy you could track a possum across it and those fish were very good also. I guess catfish just taste good! One thing I always do is remove the fatty belly meat and the strip of red meat down the side. Those 2 areas supposedly harbor more pollutants and tend to have a strong flavor. Dang, I'm gettin hungry! Good fishin and God Bless.
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    No, not all wild channel cats taste alike. Some of the channel cats caught from our local lake taste terrible. You never know which one will taste bad until it's cooked. So now I release all channel cats. A local guide told me it was due to them feeding on algae in the lake. Some people will say it's how they are cleaned. I disagree, for the same cleaning technic will work on all cats if the meat is good. The small flatheads always taste great.

    I've caught channel cats in the Rio Grande and other places that were all excellent tasting. But I think the best channel cats I've ever eaten came from my father in laws pond that he stocked. He daily fed them commercial catfish feed.
    Our local catfish house serves up some great tasting farm raised catfish.
    But for home cooked... I prefer crappie.... that we're having today!