farm pond channel catfish!!

Discussion in 'Pond Fishing' started by on_the_fly, Aug 24, 2009.

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    my son and one of his friends and I were fishing my pond earlyer and I ended up catching a 12lbs channel cat:crazy: I was so happy to see that my fish are growing nice and big. we fish it alot now and smash down all barbs on the hooks because we are only fun fishing and releasing back because my pond iis only about 4 years old now and is just now realy starting to realy settle the muddy look out. with that said we cought a flat head out of there this past spring for the table and it was plum awfull realy muddy tasting, so we figured a few more years the water will be good enough for good eating fish. although they are all strong and healthy looking just not tasty:sad2:
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    Glad to hear your fish are growing hope the mud settles it should soon. Oh and where did you say that pond was again? dont pay any attention to the guy sneaking through the woods with a couple of poles and some bluegill on the hook HAHAHA!! just kiddin:smile2: