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    Hours of research went into my rankings. Factored in is strenghth of schedule (sos) and general player situations.

    1 - LT...I expect a drop off in production from LT but he will still be the #1 back again. 2000 total yds/24 TDs
    2 - S. Jackson...Like LT rcpts are a huge bonus. The Rams have an easy schedule for the passing game which should open the field for SJax.2100 yds/15 TDs
    3 - S. Alexander...How quickly we forget. He's healthy and Seattle has the 7th easiest schedule vs the run. 1800 yds/19 TDs
    4 - F.Gore...Will be the workhorse again in San Fran. Durability is a concern and SF has playoff potential so expect him to get plenty of touches. 1800 yds/12 TDs
    5 - Willie Parker...avg sos vs the run with an above avg O-line means good Production from FWP. Expect a rebound from Big Ben to keep Defenses honest against the run. 1600 yds/12 TDs
    6 - W. McGahee...The Ravens have he 2nd easiest schedule vs the run. "What you talkin' bout Willis" has the has the bad boy attitude that fits with the Ravens. 1500 yds/10 Tds
    7 - J. Addai...Based on last yrs stats Indy faces the 2nd hardest schedule vs the run. The Colts have the 4th ranked o-line in the league and Peyton to ease the sos problem. Unproven as a starter grab DeDe Dorsey late as Insurance. 1700 yds/12 TDs
    8 - B.Westbrook...Consistant producer running behind the 2nd ranked O-line. 70-80 recpts = 1800 yds/10 TDs
    9 - T. Henry...The Den running back by commitee experiment is over. A solid #5 ranked O-line means big holes for the former Titan. !500 yds/10 TDs
    10 - R.Brown...Coach Cam Cameron molded LT into what he is today. RBrown has the tools to excel in his system. 1500 yds/10 TDs

    just missed...

    Rudi Johnson...has the talent with Palmer/CJohnson and Housh spreading Defenses
    L.Maroney...If he can stay healthy he should thrive in a well coached Pats system
    Edge James...5th easiest sched vs the run
    Brandon Jacobs...A brute with speed

    Larry Johnson has been ranked as high #2 But KCs o-line has has lost several starters. a tough schedule with a bad line means trouble is brewing in KC. Contract holdouts aside I expect a tough yr for LJ...buyer beware


    Cadillac Willaims...6th easiest sos vs the run
    Jerious Norwood...Dunn May be done to give the speedster a chance
    Deangelo Williams...New system fits his skillset
    Marshaun Lynch...talented rookie should start. Hardest sos vs run could cause probs

    QB and WR rankings to follow...
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    Those look pretty good. I would put Rudi Johnson on there if talking about Fantasy Impact, the Bengals will spread the ball like you said. And he will get 30 touches, every sunday (or monday!) He will have 10+ TD's and average his usual 1300 yards, the TD's will come from Carson getting him to goal line situations. Do I think he is one of the best running backs in the game-no, do I think he is one of the best options for a fantasy owner, especially since he will probably go in 3rd round, heck yes!

    also, you said you don't expect LT to match his production last season, for the sake of the whole NFL I hope not! That was the best season ever for a running back (probably player). That bar is set way to high, but he would be a top option for me in the draft.

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    I basically agree with your rankings. I think you may have westbrook ranked a little to low. I think if McNabb is healthy that westbrook will be his workhorse. I also am very leary of any Denver back. I think that running back by committee will continue there. I completely agree about LJ. He had way to many carries last year and lets not forget that Herm Edwards has killed several good teams. I try to stay away from players that he is coaching. Overall your rankings are very similar to mine. Good luck in your league and I look forward to seeing your WR and QB rankings.