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    Again, Rankings based on Strength of schedule (sos) and general player situations.

    1 - Peyton Manning - nuff said
    2 - Mark Bulger - easiest sos vs the pass
    3 - Drew Brees - Great supporting cast for Mr Consistancy
    4 - Carson Palmer - Suspect O-line drops ranking,Talented WRs/RBs keep him in top 5
    5 - Tom Brady - Field General with a ton of weapons. Wants another Super Bowl ring for his super model girlfriends.
    6 - Jonh Kitna - still has a cannon and WRs to stretch the field. May finish with top 5 stats ahead of some BIG names
    7 - Tony Romo - The Parcels era is over but he left a good team. Solid Defense means more field time
    8 - Matt Leinart - Boldin/Fitz/Edge plus 4th easiest sos vs the pass mean solid numbers in Arizona
    9 - Jake Delhomme - Carolina has refitted their offense to better suit the passing game. Expecting a rebound from Jake with the 3rd easiest schedule vs the pass
    10-Matt Hasselbeck - An injury riddled 06 season behind him expect a solid 07 campaign. Holmgren prefers to pass 60% of the time and with the 8th easiest sos vs the pass expect solid numbers from MHass. Alexander in the backfield will keep defenses honest. Seattle has playoff capability so expect 100%...

    just missed-

    Eli Manning - Little brother has 10th easiest sos
    McNabb - if healthy could be top 5...has'nt palyed a full season last 3 yrs
    Alex Smith - Maturing nicely on an underrated SanFran squad. 6th easiest sos on a playoff contender team means good #s
    Jeff Garcia - TBay has 7th easiest sos. Gruden will use Garcias scrambling ability to open defenses for Cadillac Willaims...may run a couple in too.


    Vince Young - If your league awards bunuses for rushing Tds he's your man. Could scramble one in at any time. He is personally on my do not draft list as the whole Tenn system is a mess but could be a good buy week fill in.
    Rex Grossman - 11th easiest sos with a top ranked Defense = potential. Quietly gets the job done