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    I found throughout the yrs that I have more then one family. The one to wich I was born into. My army family. And now my BOC family. Because of my army family I have to say goodbye yet once again to my blood and my bros. In the past 5 yrs Ive been pulled away from my blood for about 31/2 of them and now ive got a new family in the BOC and before I even get a chance to meet any of them I will be pulled away yet again. I just found out my wife is pregnant with our 4th child and I wont be present for the birht. This will be the first child I missed and it hurts. I was scheduled to go to the GA gathering in May and will miss it too.I love what I do but sometimes I wish I had made a different carrier choice. My wife does'nt want to tell the kids about there new brother or sister yet so you guys are the first to hear. I have thought though that because of this new life being brought into the world by us that I might not come back from this next tour. Not by choice obviously. I have heard too many stories about soldiers expecting and goin off to war and not coming back. I would hate for this to be the case but am prepared should it be. This is my 4ht tour and nothin has happened yet but I have a new job in the security platoon and will be on the streets of baghdad daily. anyway This started out as a importance of family and turned into somthing different. Thanks for listening
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    Sheridan, Arkansas
    Let me just say I am proud of our men and women in the U.S. military. And for you To be carefull and get back safe. Thanks

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    Rich, put that kind of thinking out of your mind. You will be back to raise the new one. We as a brotherhood just won't allow you to come in harms way! There is a lot of powerful prayer emanating from this new family of yours, don't underestimate it. Keep good thoughts and be vigilant.
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    Richard ,We the brotherhood are here for anything you need .I am proud to call you friend and hope to shake your hand when you get back .If not for young people like you this nation would not here today. stay safe and god bless all out troops.
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    Richard thanks for serving this country. I know that you have a lot on your mind and it will sometimes weigh heavy. But remember this that there are friends, that you have never met, will be praying that God will keep his protecting arms around you and keep you safe. Also praying for your family and the new arrival. Looking for your return and reading your future post. God Bless You and yours.:smile2: :smile2:
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    I too am proud of you for serving this great country. It is because of the bravery and sacrifices of you and all your military brothers and sisters (and their families), that we can live the life of feedom that we do.

    I look forward to your return an hopefully we can drown some bait together some time.

    Congratulations on the new baby.

    God's Speed brother.

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    Rick, I'm proud of you and all the people that serve in our great military. Thank you for the job you're doing. God Bless and keep you safe.
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    Rich first off thank you as well as all the great people who serve our nation without you and others it would not be possible to enjoy the things we ususlly take for granted like the security and freedoms we enjoy . keep positive man we enjoy your posts and wouldnt want you to miss out on anything in your future . as allways will keep you in our prayers
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    God Bless you for your service to our most wonderful country in the world. I will pray for your safe return, and also for your family, not only for the sacrifice they are making, but for they're health and well being. Hope to see you back on the BOC when you return. Later Andy
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    First, congrats on the new one. Secondly, thanks for your sacrifice, as well as your family's and your fellow brothers in all the armed services. We are all proud of you. And 3rd, Have faith, pray, and keep your gaurd up at all times. Our prayers will be with you. You will come home to your family and friends. I believe that. You believe too. Be safe brother.