Family Time With The Kids

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by HARVRAD2003, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Just got done spending time with my 3 and 6 yr. daughters out in the back yard ( our back yard is aprox. 200 yds deep x 150 yds wide//the yard is not very big but most of it is the back side of the cemetery). Took my 7000c3, Penn 320 and my large Diawa Emblem Spinning Reel out tossing, the girls had a blast running after the weight and walking with me while I was counting off my distance. My 6 yr. old spent most of the time reeling the line in while I held the TIGER Rod, she had a blast and was very excited---my 3 yr. old just played in the dirt hill in the cemetery. I never spent time like this with my dad or mom as a kid and I'm really glad that I had this opportunity today doing something I enjoyed and allowing the kids to enjoy being with their dad. For me the song Cats In The Cradle hits home; my parents never took time to do much with me and it does affect your relationship quite abit when your parents to participate in your life. When I got married it was the first time in almost 15 yrs. that I talked with my Dad, now we have a great relationship. I did the reverse a yr and half ago and took him fishing, before then I think we went maybe twice as a Father and Son. I seriously believe that spending time with our kids now will pay rewards in the future, today was probably one of the best time with my kids this year.
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    Guess I was lucky my dad spent a lot of time with me and I did the same with mine when they were growing up. Now my kids are all grown and i do good to hear from them once or twice a year and then it seems to be them wanting me to help them out. a lot of it I feel depends on the kids too. Seems that the ones that are now late 20's to early 30's like mine are to busy to bother with dad anymore.

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    randy they make funshaped casting plugs that the kids would probably
    get a kick out of casting them into a bucket or a little target you could
    make a game out of it and you can get practice right along with them as well. get em some cheap combos at the store and have some fun.
    nothing like family time.
    ive been condemned or looked down upon for not takeing on more work
    at night by selfish people .
    by doing so i would not get to watch my kids grow up and be a part of their lives.
    when work interferes with being a part of your family its time to quit the work.
    most of the time the side work money gets blown on something frivolous any way and you sure aint going to get rich that way. all you do is help someone else out fixing or makeing them something and you lose out on time with your family.:confused:

    way to go being a part of your kids lives. im sure they will appreciate the memories later.