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    This week I took the kids camping/fishing on Hartwell. We went out Thursday, came home for a few hours on Friday, then went back out until 11am Saturday morning.

    Thursday night some nice blues were around us . My daughter hooked one and fought it for almost 5 minutes. It jumped clear out of the water about 20' off shore where I could see it. A few minutes later he spit the hook. That fish was a good 15# and took my little girl for a ride, LOL..

    After it was gone I looked in my daughters eyes and noticed she had been bitten by the catfish bug, LOL. She's hooked on cattin now, baby !!!!. She wont stop till she lands that fish she lost and fished hard core from that point time to play in the dirt...gotta fish.

    Not long after that my rod smacked clear to the ground and I looked at my son and handed this one to him. Man..this was another and possibly bigger fish!!!... My little buddy fought his heart out !!! line was SCREAMING off P-pro line it was nuthin. He was so tired, arms burning and eyes as big as moon pies. Well this fish took 1/2 the spool out, hit the bottom and snapped the line : ( The fish took a run towards shore and JJ Jr couldn't keep get the line in fast enough to keep up with him. He got the line tight again for a few seconds but the fish brushed up against something and the line cut.

    A few hours later another rod went down. Its Stefani's turn again and she is out for revenge. About 2 minutes later she pulls in a fish and its a big ole bass. This boy weighed in at 6Lbs, my daughters new Pb bass !!!!!

    When she landed it she said, " Daddy, that aint a's a bass " I think them words brought tears to my eyes, LOL.

    Well the kids finally went to sleep while I kept on fishing. Around 3am I looked at my rod tip and saw my glow stick rockin !!!!! I grabbed it and the fight was on. I yelled for the kids help and Stef woke up to help. I knew he was a nice one so I fought him slow. With the bank fishing deal I have to wear them out before bringing them close to shore or they will spit the hook. I finally got him close and saw that big blue roll..he was a nice one. I got him in close ran in the water and landed him by lipping him . He weighed 24 pounds and a few ounces !!!! My new PB blue cat !!!!!!

    That night brought me a few really hard hits but I just couldn't turn them and get them in. We caught our share of dinks and I also got some in the DD range ; )

    At 11am we went home and I fell asleep. I woke up 3 hours later and my daughter had started packing already and informed me we were fishing again, LOL. She said she wants a catfish Pb and was pissed that her earlier fish was a bass...not a cat.

    We got out there to find the bank covered with people fishing. We picked us a new spot and I talked to the folks around and they said the bite was slow. I threw my lines out and 5 minutes later I screamed to the kids " fish on "...LOL.. Everyone just looked at me and shook their heads. The kids started pulling in the cats, smaller ones but they had a blast !!! The night went on with a few good runs but no big boys landed.

    I really had a ton of fun with the kids these last few days. The look on their faces reminded me of how good life really is. The kids fished, played with the dog, cooked all the deer meat, caught all the bait on Sabiki rigs and walked around with trash bags cleaning the shore line.

    School starts Tuesday and the kids have some good tales to tell the class.. My fishing is my life and soul and I'm proud to see my kids follow in my foot steps. If the good Lord is willing I look forward to one day doing this all over again with grandkids. I'm the first fisherman out of my entire family and I hope to pass it down the family.

    Captain Jim and I are gonna get out in a few days in the boat to see what we can do. This is his hardest time of the year to catch fish but it's actually my best time so hopefully I can put him on some nice cats. My last Pb was 23Lb so I only beat it by one pound but I will take it ; ) I guess I'm going one pound at a time. At this rate it's gonna take me forever to find my 100 pounder, LOL.

    Well I hope all you moms and dads had a great summer with the kids like I did. I hope everyone has a great school year with lots of A's on the report cards ; )

    Here are some pic's for yas....enjoy and thanks for letting me share my story with yas.

    Stefani #6 bass




    A DD fish

    My Pb 24Lb

    Pb again

    Every fish was released to fight another day..........................
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    Congrats to you and the family. Those sure look like some happy kids!!!

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    Pat Chaney
    Awesome trip, Jimmy!!!! Congrats in your new PB, and especially for turning your kids on to some smackdown cattin!!!!:big_smile:
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    Andrews, SC
    Great story about a great trip, Jimmy. Congratulations to all, and thanks for sharing with us.
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    Thanks for the post Jim. Great to see nice fish and kids having can't beat it!!!!
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    Great job Jim, Your kids will not forget the great time they had:big_smile:.
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    Congrats Jim to the whole family,great story and pics,memories for a lifetime for the kids and yourself:wink:
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    Nice work bro! Congrats and reps to the whole crew!
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    GREAT post, and congrats on your whole trip and PBs! Well done! Nothing like sharing good times with the kids. After all, they are our future. A very special kudos for: "and walked around with trash bags cleaning the shore line." I think we all should end EVERY fishing trip doing the same thing. It's great to have the kids realize the importance of our landscape. In the words of Ed MCMahon, "You sir, are a WINNER."
    Bill in SC
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    Congrats on the new pb but more importantly congrats on a great time with the kids. Thats priceless. Keep an eye on your kids when they get older, they might start skippin school to go fishin.:wink::smile2:

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    BRO that was a great story sounded like a blast !!!! congrts to ya on your PB , reps to the crew ... great pictures also .
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    Looks like you are going to have some future fisherman on your hands Jim. Glad to hear you had such a great time.
  13. Mickey

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    Jim thanks for sharing the family fishing trip. Enjoyed the pics of some nice fish. WTG.
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    Congrats on the fish. Sounds like you had a great time.
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    Beautiful children, beautiful fish, and beautiful weekend fishing. Glad u guys had a great fishing trip!! Congrats on the entire families PB's. Love to hear stories like yours.
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    Congrats to you and the family. The little girl with the bass sure looks happy.
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    that was truly a great story and i know exactly what you are talking grandson is now 3 yrs old and just the other week i took him fishing for the first time in his life down in my pond.i got a jar and as we walked across the pasture to the pond we caught grasshoppers to use as bait.he had a little 10ft cane pole with a bobber on it.i put a hopper on it and it was on.he got his line broke 4 times and finally landed a 4lb channel cat.i have created a monster.all he talkes about is going back fishing.i wanted for him to see the whole process so we went back about a week ago to catch,clean,fry,and eat.he finally got 4 cats on the bank after having his line broke several times.we walked back cleaned and eat them rite away(flopping to frying)those are the most memoriable trips in my life.i think i have me a fishing buddy now.