Family I believe we need to bow our heads

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    in Prayer: According to CNN news there has been a catastrophic event happen at Virginia Tech! They are reporting it's the worst college shooting in History. Reports are 31 dead students possibly faculty also and 29 injured! What is becoming of all of us as a human race? Are we so full of hate and anger that we just as soon people die as live??? I haven't heard who is responsible for this but all I can say is May God Have Mercy on their Soul!!! The President is Horrifyed and stated he is going to talk on tv at 4:30 I believe Eastern time but don't quote me on that. He said Federal Law is available if their assistance is needed! To me this is just unbelieveable.:crazy: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
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    Pat I agree with you. I've been following the tragic story on TV. Each time they update it gets worse. Alot of lives and families has been changed forever. Yes we need to pray for all concerned. The last report said that the killer was asian and was searching for his girlfriend. Then he began to line students up and started shooting. This is a sad dark day.:sad2: :sad2: :sad2: