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    I like to think all family are like all people. Some you have to claim as family, but most time refer to them as real characters. Black sheep if you will. I love the stories of my family's "characters". We may have more than most...
    My mom's dad was mostly of indian ancestry & prone to drinking excessively. Ended up a painter, houses and such. Traveled & drank mostly. Lots of time in small jails, lots of busts for "tying one on". But never at a loss for an explaination, even if there was a loss of memory.
    Standing before a judge in a small county facing charges of drunk and disorderly and arson for setting a bed on fire in a very cheap motel; still a little woozey so I'm told, he responded to the charges....

    "Your Honor I plead quilty to all the charges except arson. That is a damn lie sir; I was drunk and that bed was on fire when I got in it!"

    It worked. Miss you Gramps.

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    My grandma had a real sense of humor and told me this one time.

    She was walkin down the road one day and this neighbor boy was walking toward her. He stopped and talked for a while and asked her if she knew of anything that would help chapped lips. Grandma told him to rub them lips with cow manure. He asked if that would heal them up and my grandma told him, "no but it will sure keep you from lickin them".LOL



    At one time my Uncle had spent over half of his life confined to a jail cell.
    Hw was 67 when he got out and coudn't find a job he said he missed his buddies back in jail. So he wen to this old bar under the viaduct and broke in and then called the police to tell them that somone was robbing the place, whn the cops got there he was sitting at the bar eating peanuts and drinking beer and he asked them what took them so long
    He was ready to go back to his home(a jail cell)
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    When my dad was real young, he was playing outside with my uncle and my grandmother was inside dying something (I think it was drapes). My dad and uncle got into it and my uncle started crying. The nosy neighbor lady came up and asked what was wrong and where was their mother. My dad replied "mom's inside dying". The lady let out a gasp and ran home. Soon the police showed up along with an ambulance and several people from the neighborhood. One lady told my dad and uncle that they could live with them and several others brought food. My mother walked out and was shocked, to say the least (I'm sure the crowd was shocked as well!). This story is 60 years old and a family classic.