False River fishing

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    south central Louisiana
    I brought my boat to False River a few days ago and managed to catch a few bass, and about 15-20 bream between me and two other friends. I fished a little shell-bottom flat near the old Bonaventure's boat ramp with 1/16oz. jigs. It was really nice, too as the camp we stayed in was only about 200 yards from the fishing spot. Also the water was very calm and relatively clear. We ended up cooking about 10 of the bream, as the first day I caught them I released most of them.

    As for catfishing, I set up poles every night to no avail. I did, however, catch a clam which was about 5 inches across while doing a little catfishing from the boat. Also the shad were plentiful and we caught a few around 12." A final thing, some guys caught a 5-6 pound bass right near our dock, that was pretty cool.

    ALSO! Another thing that I found was really amazing was that the drive in my 4Runner only used up HALF of a 14gallon tank ROUND TRIP while pulling the boat and the car loaded with ice chest, food, people, etc...The drive is a little more than 1 hour there, 1 hour back