Falls dam

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    CMJ and I went to Falls this morning. We didn't do as good as Tomahawk, but we had a fun morning. We caught 8 blues, nothing much over 10-12 lbs. Saw a lot of deer on the way in, some on the way out, and had a couple turkeys cross the road in front of us on the way back. Pretty cool.

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    Yeah, it was a nice morning , Falls is a nice little lake to go to and catch some fish and get away from the crowd. All the blues we got looked like they had been eating good, they all had full bellies, I guess tomahawk has been feeding them good...:smile2: It was like driving through a wildlife refuge seeing all the deer and the turkeys.

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    Ya they look really nice until one of those deer hits your truck or boat. I've had both happen. Theres plenty of big fish down there. It's just they got alot of hiding places. Alot of good structure.