Falls dam Report Aug03

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    Went back to Falls this morning and had a blast. I caught 5 flats from 4-30lbs and three blues 2-12lbers and a 24lber. All fish came from live bait. No hits on cutbait. Man was it humid out there. I was sweating the whole time but I guess it was worth it. I was off the water by 0830. Water temp was at 80*. Water level was about normal. The fish are bitting folks if you can put up with the heat. I got pictures of the 30lb flat. I'll try posting later. See-ya.
  2. laidbck111

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    Falls lake keeps getting better and better. I might have to come up there. Are there any good bank spots close to where you are fishing?

  3. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    laidback there use to be some bank fishing on the boat landing side but cars kept getting broke into and i think they have stopped the bank fishing on the landing side(private land) but you can come in off the uwharrie mountain side i think. was some of those 4x4 wheelers parting over there so that may be limited also. its amazing at what people with no respect can do to all of us.
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    I don't think my little GMC would four wheel very well. I really don't know much about the lake either but I need to learn seeing as how the wife keeps looking at houses in that area, well a little north of there anyway. Creedmore, Butner, Bahama and North Durham. I think the dam is closer to Raleigh though.
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    Holly Springs, NC
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