Falls Dam report 6-17-06

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  1. Bream baiter

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    South Carolina
    I used cut and live shad today and the white perch wouldn't leave them alone. The fishing was very slow compared to how it has been. One guy that fishes there for blues regularly fished the whole length of the lake and only got one small flathead. I caught one blue about 15 lbs, 2 around 8 or 10 lbs., some smaller blues, and one small flathead. Some water was running into Badin through #1 floodgate. Not a lot but more than normal and enough to attract shad. No turbines ran today. Never heard the bell to run water.
  2. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    I fished Falls Fri. night from 6:30 until 1 AM. I fished the deep water, around the rocky point, the 35' transition area and fished up river for flatheads. not a nibble. sounds like I'm not the only one that didn't do that well though. maybe the blues and flats both are spawning out right now? I marked some good fish and went right through them and nothing. Most of the good schools I marked were down towards the southern end of the lake. I might just go after the schooling white bass for a while until the spawn is over. I saw a few of them schooling a little bit up around the dam, but not enought to try to catch 'em. I know last year everybody was talking about 'em schooling. Maybe I'll try to get in on some of that this year. Anybody got any tips on when and where to look for them things to school. My 5 year old would love to get into a mess of 'em. appreciate it, later!