Falling In, A Poem

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    It started out just like any other day, on that lazy river
    Lines with worms and bluegill heads, some with chicken liver.
    Seven good friends sharing time and laughter on the water
    The bite was slow and fleeting, we hoped it would get better.

    We always bring our stories, good food and plenty of beer
    Leaving all our troubles lay at home, we don’t need them here.
    And sometimes in the evening, when the fishing is going slow
    We rely on help from our coolers and put on a pretty good glow!

    Then on this moonlit summer night, at just about two in the morning
    Folly and mishap came sneaking in, with out giving us any warning.
    I was relaxed and peacefully sleeping, feeling lazy sated and fat
    When Bob said, Jack! Look in the river I think I see Thom’s hat!

    Our minds raced with fevered anguish, our hearts filled with evils dread
    As we searched the dark cold water, thinking our best friend Thom was dead!
    Then a voice called out from the darkness, I’m over here by the bank
    I lost my footing then stumbled and fell and I only have myself to thank.

    Then Will and Dave and Larry and Mitch, woke up and came running to see
    What all the commotion and fuss was about, wondering what it could be.
    Thom fell in the river deep and he’s holding on to some roots
    He’s doing fine just soaking wet from his head down to his boots!

    Then without a moments hesitation, with no fear or grand false pride
    Mitch dove into the water dark and swam up to Thom’s side.
    I wish that I could tell you Thom, that I jumped in here for you
    But I was running fast and in the dark I tripped and fell in too!

    Now with two good friends in the water, it was sure hard not to laugh
    As it was to cold to go swimming and too soon for their monthly bath.
    We tugged and pulled and strained our backs but we got them out all right
    Dripping wet with hair matted down, boy were they a wonderful sight.

    What’s the best part of our fishing trips? spending time with life long friends
    And a night on the river in the vast out doors, is great no matter how it ends.
    Yes we’ve had our share of troubles and there are other things that have gone bad
    But they never ever will compare, to all the good times that we’ve had.

    Jack Holsky, aka Netmanjack

    PS....To much beer is NOT! conducive to a successful fishing trip!
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    Possum Kingdom Lk, TX
    Yep, enough said. I still remember the night!:)


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    Brookville OH
    :p good poem!!!
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    Mansfield Ohio
    Brings back memories Brother! Even if I was sleepin through the whole thing! Looking forward to another interesting year on the river!
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    Cool poem.....so I inspired you with that thread I did huh? I didnt know you were really serious....lol:p
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    That right Zakk, Just shows to go ya, You never know where inspiration will come from. Thanks
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    Ha, ha, ha....that's right! Thanks for sharing that!:)
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    jack thats a very good poem .
    i liked that