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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by perrycounty.in, Oct 23, 2009.

Do you shoot longbeards in the fall?

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  1. perrycounty.in

    perrycounty.in New Member

    For those of us that have a fall turkey season. Would you shoot a gobbler in the fall at the same place you hunt them in the spring? I voted NO because I only shoot hens in the fall to get rid of some of them and don't want to take one of my spring time longbeards when there not gobbling(the best thing about turkey season)I dont' target turkeys in the fall but when im bowhunting for deer if i have a shot at a hen im takin it. Just lookin to see how many people shoot toms in the fall of the year.
  2. bream reaper

    bream reaper Member

    I don't hunt them in the fall but do in the spring. For me, I hate to buy another tag, potentially lose an arrow (its archery only up here), or worse, mess up an opportunity on a deer.

  3. bw69r

    bw69r Well-Known Member

    West Newton, PA
    around here where i hunt the longbeards will gobble when called to in the fall. might just be my area as i always hear people say that they don't in the fall. actually for me they gobble more in the fall than the spring. i think it may be because alot of folks go out before the spring season and call and the toms seem to get real closed mouthed once the season comes in. to me all those people are just wiseing up the birds.
  4. Jeremy Sheffey

    Jeremy Sheffey New Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    i will pass up a long beard almost everytime in the fall unless he will top my record. right now that is 25lb 12 inch beard 1.5 in spurs so i seldom have the oportunity too. however i do like busting them up and calling them back in....that is a blast...
  5. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    We have season but i don't hunt the fall. Have heard a few gobbles in the fall here too, but never seen one strutt that time of year. i won't shoot jakes in the spring just for the fact they don't put on much of a show.
  6. Blue Duck

    Blue Duck New Member

    I shoot mostly hens in the fall. Ill always take a tom if I can, but hens are better eating.
  7. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I would,Just always forget when our fall season is till its over,Its hell to think about turkey hunting during Sept when dove season is on.:wink:
  8. opposum

    opposum Active Member

    Only hens on places I hunt in the spring...this takes out the competition for the spring. Gobbling is what makes the spring hunt. I will shoot one if I'm hunting on places I don't hunt in the spring.
  9. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    The farm I usually hunt seems to be a magnet for Gobblers. I don't see many Hens there. Just about every time I deer hunt, I wind up seeing dozens of Gobblers. I am thinking about getting an over-under .308/12 ga. because of it. I have shot a few big Toms while bow hunting or muzzle loading, I got 4 in the last two seasons with beards between 11 and 12 1/2 inches, but I never target them. I never have figured out why anyone would; they are just too easy. They are big enough to be easy to shoot and they make more noise in the woods than any creature in the forest except Crows, and they are constantly moving all day long.
  10. holliswood

    holliswood Well-Known Member

    King, NC
    I've never been hunting for turkey but, there most be a ton here where I live. In a three mile stretch I've seen them off and on at least three times a week crossing the road. Once seen them in someone's front yard on a busy street. They sure are beautiful creatures and I love to hear them scratchin for grubs!
  11. katman#1

    katman#1 New Member

    South Carolina
    we only have a spring season
  12. backwoodsman68geric

    backwoodsman68geric New Member

    Im with Flathead on how easy they are and noisiest creatures in the woods. I dont spring hunt them or gun hunt them in the fall but I do buy my 2 archery turkey tags and shoot the first two that come thru most years. Im probably in the minority as I dont enjoy having too many around as they trash the foodplots right off the bat and put every critter for a mile on high alert. Ive never seen where they were too hard to hunt either but maybe thats just our area. Ive taken alot of the kids, godkids and friends kids fall and spring gun hunting them and they rarely dont tag out. Ive always heard they never gobbled etc in the fall too but ours do. Actualy they gobble and click or whatever its called too much and Ive lost/missed chances at deer because of them too many times to count. For anyone wanting to archery hunt for them they are alot easier to bowhunt on the ground. Rarely can you get drawn from a tree stand on them but on the ground you can. One of mine I took last year I was on the ground with no blind etc, just camo and the tree I was hiding behind was on the other side of me from where they showed. I heard them scratching and clacking for an hour and walking for 5 min before they appeared. When two walked behind some brush and a tree I drew and zinged one at 21 measured feet. If you shoot one with a bow watch where he goes very closely as they usualy dont leave alot of sign and burrow into the nastiest brush piles etc they can find. Good Luck all.
  13. mte

    mte New Member

    Millersville, P
    I don't hunt turkeys anymore but when I did, I preferred fall hunting. As far as it being easier to kill turkeys in the fall, I don't think so, at least not in the mountains fo Pa. If you just want to kill any turkey maybe, but not if you are targeting longbeards. Like Jeremy said; fall is for busting flocks and calling them back in, not ambushing them in a feeding area. Spring time can be just so easy. Spring is for trout fishing. LOL
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  14. Jiggin Boy

    Jiggin Boy New Member

    I don't have to even go after turkeys in the fall there always walking around my stand. Theres been a couple times i have taking a tom out of it, the first one was because i have never shot one with my bow, and the others were too much of a thunder chicken to pass up. I do agree on thinning out the hens, there usually the ones messing up my spring hunt.
  15. nmonk83

    nmonk83 New Member

    new york
    im opprotunistic, i'll do anything(legal that is) to fill the freezer