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Discussion in 'Striper Fishing' started by bnt55, Aug 29, 2009.

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    Northern KY
    Now that we are getting towards fall, how do you guys target river stripers. Will they be moving into creeks, away from creeks...whats the scoop? Still looking for my 10 lber....

  2. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Bill, I fish a man made lake (35,000+ acres) and in the fall the striper's gather at the openings of creeks close to the river channel. They run into the mouth of the creeks at nights to feed and head back to the river when the sun gets above the tree tops.

  3. festus

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    I'm probably going to try for stripers a little while at the Melton Hill Dam tailrace about daylight this morning. I was down there a couple of weeks ago, and only saw one caught, a 20 pounder on a big topwater jerkbait. If I catch anything, I'll let you know. I'll try for an hour or two, if nothing's happening, I know a pond about 3 miles down the road I can catch some monster bluegill 9" to 11" long.
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    Well, Melton Hill Dam changed their generating schedule, so when I got there at 6:30 am, NO CURRENT, NO SHAD, the water had a film over it, a few folks hung around for an hour or so and left. So, NO STRIPERS, but I did catch a bunch of big bluegill and Georgia Giant Bream at the pond I mentioned.
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    Mac was right about the locations, right now's also a good time to be stockin up on threadfins as well.. only if you have a high powered bait tank.:smile2::wink:
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    Smith Mountain
    I dont know about your lake, but Threadfins here on Smith Mtn aint worth stomping. Why? i dont know. But fish of many species dont give them a second whif. But whats wierd, we had a huge winterkill this past winter on threadfins. And the stripers gorged themselves and would not eat, Jan and Feb got so bad for the bite, we started to head to other lakes. If you caught one over 25inchs this past winter. You was doing something, the larger fish 8-20lbs just wouldnt eat. Jigging spoons and flukes I found was most succcessful off the end of points in 35-50 of water...

    But to get to your question. I dont know much about river stripers other than when they run up the rivers out of the lakes in the spring and fall. I do alot of artifical fishing, casting, Flukes, the Swamp Monkey lure, and plugs such as thundersticks. As for bait. You can beat a planer board in the Fall with 8-10ft of freeline behind the board with a large Gizzard shad. I run my boards 3 off each side, with the out side, bank board, beating the bank. Dont think you can go to shallow for stripers. Also, the fish may be in the deeper water, but up high in the water column. Vary your boards with the length of line behind them. And dont be afraid to run 25ft of freeline behind the board and clip on a 3/8ounce rubber core...... Alewives are also a good bait or choice. Different times of the year are better than other as like the gizzard shad. I will put out an assor. of gizzards and alewives until i figure out there prefernce that time of the year.

    In the lakes in the fall, the stripers will run up the rivers and into shallow water. Much like the spring flase spawning runs, but they do this more so to feed for the winter not the spawn. with the water temps cooling it allows the stripers to come into the shallow waters to feed. Although with the water Temps here on Smith Mtn around 83-86degs. I've heard of some busting reports, but more so in the main lake. With the kill off of the Threadfins, the Gizzard had a Heck of a spawn this year. And Peanuts can be seen schooling on the surface. Most as in the small schools around the size of car hoods, but I have seen schools what looked like baseball diamonds on the surface. I can only assume the stripers are coming up and busting these 'lil guys, even in the hot surface temps..

    Keep at it, and you'll fair well. fish as much as you can even if all you have is just and hour before sundown, get out there and fish, that may be the day you only catch one fish, but its been that one your looking for.

    And speaking of sundown. Fall is a great time to get out night fishing. In the fall I dont night fish like i do in the spring with topwaters. I go subsurace with shallow runners. try Rapala F18s and Rebel Fastrac's, also the yo-zuri crystal minnow has worked well...