Fall striper Report, Smith Mtn Lake, Va

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    October was a good month for stripers... But now Nov here and things should really get good. The past couple weeks, the fish have been really spread out, with the majority of the fish up both river arms. While some still hang at the lower sections and the dam. The mid to upper sections of the rivers have been my main focus...

    The bite has been good to fair. Each day being different. The past couple days, we still boated several fish, but, should have double or tripled our numbers, due to the short striking fish.
    The fish have been good in size, with most of our catch lately, ranging 10-12lbs with several fish 13-15lbs. Friend of mine was fishing with his buddy and landed a 28lber.

    Methods of all sorts have been producing according to my fishing and reports i've been told. But Right now, it seems as if bait fishing has been more productive than artifical fishing. I've been mostly fishing Gizzard shad, Med-large in size. 6-12inchs. And putting the baits at at variety of depths...
    I've been running my planers and floats with long freelines 20-30ft behind the boards. I'm running 2-3planers off each side at a time. with the furthest boards away behind true freelines, while the closest boards to the boat, and floats as well i still run 20-30ft of freeline, BUT above my swivel i attach a 3/8ounce rubber core sinker, to try to present baits in the entire water column. Also This helps with fish that dive down into the water column when the boat approaches. Also downlines from the boat, I set at 20-32ft just all depending on the depth i'm in, and the depth the fish are showing up in.....

    As for artifical, I've heard of some "OK" report by folks pulling U-rigs. And some "OK" reports from folks and my self, by casting lures and plugs. Although I havent heard much about a night bite though. I'll be hitting the night bite, later this week and next week as well, by casting plugs. I'll post back my report...

    Still fishing is producing fish as well.. Cut and live baits on the bottom in 10-25ft of water seem to work well, Flatheads to!

    Heresa couple pics..

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    very cool, still hoping to get my first real big striper...