Fall is around the corner.

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    I've never fished in the fall for crappie, but plan to this year. I've always thought the fall was for deer hunting, but with clubs driving the price of a good hunting lease out the range of a working man raising a family. I plan to use my time fishing this fall. I was just wondering if some of you could give me some pointers to get me going in the right direction. What things are different in the fall than in the spring, as far as crappie fishing goes? Do they get on shallow brush like in the spring, or is that mainly a spawning thing? What about deeper brush? Is drifting a good fall technique?
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    Love the fall/winter bite. They will school up in deep water(30' plus) and if you can locate them they are a blast. Usually bringing them up from this deep they have a hard time surviving though. Usually try and bring them up slow so the smaller ones have a better chance of living when I throw them back. Prefer the winter bite when you can get on the lakes even if there is some ice.

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    Brush piles in and around fairly deep drops are good holding areas:smile2::wink:

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    Thomas if you can find a major creek off your lake follow it till you can't follow it any more and the deepest water at the very end is where you start huntng for them, this has been the best fishing I've ever done for crappie but you must use your elec.'s and you have to go up the creek as far as you can and then start hunting them and everyday they will move some but once you find them its crazy. Sometimes there they are and no bites--finally you get a fish and it starts the whole group and then your limit gets thereway too fast.
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    We trout and crappie fish in the fall . It seems we do best crappie fishing next to fallen trees or limbs in the water . Also around docks and structure like pump houses or sails . Minnows on a float is what we use for the crappie's. You will have to figure out the best depth as you go . When the bite slows down , move to another spot . Always retrack to where you caught a few cause there will be more . We have a sweet spot where we catch 18 to 20 inch crappie . We plan on stocking up on these babies this fall . Only to release in grease .....lol
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    spider rigging is a good late fall and winter crappie tactic. find them stacked on your depth finder and get'm. If your not familer with this, look on youtube its very helpfull.
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    Here in kansas in the fall the crappie are schooled up chasing shad, look in the mouths of creeks or where ever you see shad flitting, I use 10 foot crappie rods with a bell wt on the bottom and 2 hooks one about 2 footup from the wt andthe other 3 - 4 foot up, I use minnows, and my fish finder to locate schools, and use the trolling motor to drive right thru the schools.
    Remember crappie aways seen to feed up so your bait needs to pass above them