Fall fishing for striper's on Lake Norman

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    When the striper's start schooling up at the mouths of creeks we slow troll with our trolling motor pulling 1/4 oz. Malibu Road Runners on lite to medium gear. Line of choice can be 10 to 15 pound test. Our technique is to make a lite cast out of the boat, usually 30 to 35 feet, lock the reel down and place the rod and reel in the road holder. You want enough speed to keep the Road Runner from snagging the bottom. I normally run one off each rear corner and two in the rear center. You can also use side planer boards with this technique. When I first saw this method used, I told the fellow doing it that the striper's would bend the hook on those Road Runners, moments later I saw him fight an 18 pound striper in, followed by a 25 pounder. Now it is my method of fishing for striper's in the fall and sometimes into the winter. Also, you can put a small shad, shiner or whatever on the Road Runner hook when the bite is slow.

    In case you don't know it, Blakemoore, the distributor of the Road Runner brand is a BOC sponsor.