Fall feeding patterns

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by OHFishmanB, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I live in Southwest Ohio and fish primarily local lakes and the Ohio River. I have noticed in the past week or two that the flatheads are not hitting the larger baits. Throughout the summer I have been catching the flats on bluegills up to 10 inches, but in the past week I can't get them to hit any bluegills bigger than 4-5 inches. Is this a part of their seasonal patterns? It would make sense to me that they would hit larger baits toward the end of the year has they are feeding up for the winter.
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    The smaller sunnies have been treating me well... big sunnies might be too much work for them, not sure. Sunnies the size of a Pringles lid are ideal for me right now

  3. flatheadsteven

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    idk i caught a 33 pounder the other night on a 10 inch sucker and a 16 pounder on a 5 inch chub so idk i couldnt tell ya.