Fall feeding Frenzy

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    It was about 8:00 A.M. Sunday morning the last week of October 2004 when I got the phone call. " Its on! Lets go! " It was the excited voice of one of my new fishing buddys. "OK let me sweet talk the wife and call you right back" I replied. After some sucking up and a few quick honey-do projects I was at his house and we were headed to a lake about 45 minutes away. The weather was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky and almost 50 degrees. As soon as we launched the 16 foot jon I saw clouds building in the west. ( he doesn't call me rain maker for no reason ) A ten minute boat ride to our favorite cove after gathering some fresh bait and here comes the storm. It started raining like there was no tomorrow and lightning filled the sky to the North West of us. Thankfully it was far enough away as not to be a big concern. We baited up two rods apiece and tossed them off the side of the boat after getting in position. It was a strange afternoon with the sun shining and still pouring down rain on us. After about thirty minutes the rain stopped and as soon as it did the fish turned on. My rod did the slow motion bend toward the water and the 7/0 daichii bleeding bait circle chunk light did its job. A few minutes later a nice 13# channel was in the boat. My fishing buddy is old school and has not tried the circle hooks yet. He uses a small kahle, probably size 1 and feeds line out until he has his spool almost empty. Now you have to picture this, a 100 yards of mono out and when he sets the hook you better be holding on to the side of the boat! I laugh at him and call them air strikes when he misses. I couldn't tell you how many times he has almost went overboard on one of his air strikes. Don't get me wrong , he hooks up with a lot of fish and usually beats me in numbers but my good ol circle hooks and powerpro braid very seldom miss a good hit. Most of the fish I miss are too small to get the 7 inch bait and large hook in their mouths. We do a controlled drift for this type of fishing and I don't think there is any more productive way to catch large aggressive channels in the fall. You generally want the boat to just barely crawl along with the bait suspended just off or barely dragging bottom. It takes practice to keep the boat traveling the right speed and direction with the trolling motor if the wind isn't perfect. A still day produces many fewer fish for us than a gentle chop. After a few hours of drifting we had 6 or 7 channels between 10 and 20 pounds in the livewell. The breeze stopped and so did the fish. If you ever get a chance to try drifting give it a shot. It will produce fish and cover a lot more water than still fishing, not to mention the looks you get from the bass and crappie fisherman as you pull in a twenty pound fish. It is not unusual for two of us to catch two hundred pounds of cats in a single evening! FISH ON!!