Fall Creek

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    Haven't been picking up on the cats on White River, only one I go was a channel cat that was about 7lbs below a spillway a couple of weeks ago. So I decided to try a stretch of Fall Creek up towards Geist. Only free time I had was in the middle of the day so I got out there around 11am. Started out using 5-6" live bluegills for bait around a hole that was probably 6ft deep where there was a nice snag. Kept having something messing with the bluegill and eventually killing it...probably a turtle. So I decided to cut it up, which to my suprise did the trick. Still no flatheads...but did catch a few nice channel cats; one being 10lbs, another 5lber, and a 3lber. I really need to get a digital camera...everytime I scan my pictures onto the computer that I take with my disposable cameras, it says the files are too big to upload or to even attatch to an email.