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    Well guys, I had one of those days. I fish the James-we were out trying the big bait thing and it worked. The only bites we had were on the big baits, but we only hooked up on one out of six big knockdowns. I fish the normal rig with 10/0 circles and cut gizzard. Please help!
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    I've had similar experiences. What improved my hook-up rate was sharpening my hooks. The hooks, right out of the pack, are O.K. but I sharpen them to a fine point...they're almost "sticky sharp", if that makes sense. A big hook takes a lot of pressure to penetrate so by making them extra sharp, you reduce the pressue. I'm sure others have other ideas, but this one thing has increased my hook-ups by 50%.

    Tight lines.

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    My cousin was fishing with kahles andd missed 10 out of 10 ,I was getting upset cause i was not getting bites ,so i gave him an old fashioned Oshansee (Spelling)..and he said he liked the ones he was using , He even had some on that he lost...

    So he tied on the old style hooks, no more misses and we had fish to eat...He was baffled..
    I have not tried circles but rember seeing that you do not jerk the rod to set the hook or something like that
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    Hook placement is a big deal when using circle hookes and even J-hooks. Leave as much exposed as you can. I cant really explain how to tell you to hook your baits with out showing your. I do remember somebody posted an article out of the Field and stream with guide Eberwien (spelling?) and i remember seeing a picture oh the hook placement i'm talking about. I'll see if i can find it and post it.

    Also, let the rod load up when using cricle hooks. Your best off to not touch the rod until its almost 3 eyes deep in the water. Let the circle hook do its, job. Then pick up the rod and begin fighting the fish, dont set the hook. Ive also had personal experience, mostly with smaller size cats and cats that move towards you. The fish just wont load the rod up, it jut kinda pulls and stops pulls and stops. I've let them do that for a short while, until i feel the fish has taken the bait enough. Then leave'ing the rod in the holder, DONT pick it up. I begin to steadly reel the handle, abut the speed as you would crank in a fast moving rattle trap for bass.... Crank until the rod loads up fully, then pick up the rod and begin to fight the fish. 80% of the time this method works well....

    I posted the picture. In my opinion and obiviously Eberweins (Sp?) i prefer to hook my cut bait for Blues and Channels using this method. Now take for granted i dont fish the James as much as i'd like to, and havent been there since Nov '07. This is how i hook my cut baits for Channels and even Stripers when i bottom fish for them in Smith Mtn lake and same style i hook my cut baits for Blues in Lake Kerr (buggs Island).. Flatheads I dont use circle hooks..

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    hello sir i hate to hear about the lost fish, i have had similar troubles myself for a couple of different reasons. first off when using big hooks it takes alot more power to set the hooks, so make sure you have rods with plenty of backbone. I have seen a many of fish lost:angry:due to bad equipment. hope this helps SHARPEN YOUR HOOKS EVEN IF THEYRE NEW:big_smile:
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    I fish mainly for Flatheads with live bait here in Danville. I have used many hooks and found that circle hooks do not work well for large flathead, so I mainly only use circle hooks for smaller channels and blues and usually use a 5/0. For big bait like baby carp or large blue gill or sunfish, I use owner gorilla live bait hooks, usually 8/0 or 9/0 and what they call 2X strong.... I agree with sharpening these hooks. As mentioned before, it takes more pressure to penetrate and the sharper, the easier, especially with a 2X strong hook since they are thicker guage. For regular size bait I have been using Eagle Claw Kahles 5/0-8/0 depending on bait size (regular size wire). They have been working out great for the flatheads and tend to be able to stand up to the bigger ones as well. They usually are very sharp out of the box and I dont usually sharpen these. The only thing about the kahles is that if you have to pull out of a snag or even after catching a fish, I suggest changing the hook. After snagging or catching, the point of the kahles has a tendency to bend outward. If the point of any of your hooks bends at all or is damaged in some way, dont get lazy, change it.
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    Like Catsnstripers said WHEN USING CIRCLE HOOKS DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SET THE HOOK OR YOU WILL NOT HOOK THE FISH!!!!!!!!! Circle hooks are ment to let the rod set the hook. When fishing with circles leave the rod alone until its almost doubled then a slight slow sweeping motion back and the fight is on... Also is improtant to leave as much of the hook exposed as psooible, generally I only hook 1/4 inch of bait or less through the 10/0 owner circle hooks I use, but when I get a take down 95% of the time the fish is hooked up.... Just remember when using circle hooks don't touch the rod... you will know when the cats is hooked... That in my opinion is the best way to fish for BIG BLUES in the tidal James.
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    I don't have a circle hook in my boat, have lost too many fish with them, I use 7/0 bent eye,offset kahls most of the time unless I have huge live bait then go to 11/0. One of the main things I have found over the years is any mono has alot of stretch when setting the hook and I switched to the super braids with a 2-3 ft mono shock line. Braids DO NOT stretch.
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    Great info. But most people as posted try to stick the bait in the thick part, this keeps the bait in the bend of the hook. Then the fish can't get that hook when its covered up with bait. You can use a big bait with even a 7/0 Matzuo Sickle hook. But with a bouble hook rig. One along the side of the bait at the top of the piece, then the lower hook in the bottom of the hook. This stops those short strikes
    We have the Matzuo Sickle hooks up to a 10/0 But also have the Charlie Brown Octopus Circle hook. Its across between a kahle and a circle hook. Man these hooks in the bigger sizes can handle big fish. Salt water fishing these Charlie Browns landed a fish over 1000 lbs not long ago. So don't think a catfish is an issue.:wink:
    But what ever hook you use, Keep it where the hook can work. If you fill up the gap of any hook its can't work. That is why a 2 hook rig takes care of the big bait no fish issue. Most fish will be on the bottom hook most days.