Face to Face with a red tail hawk

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    It was the end of October nice cool clear day, a friend of mine and I were bow hunting for deer down by Mingo Iowa. He was in a tree stand about 300 yards from me , I was in a tree stand that sat in a tree that was along a fence row. The branches on the tree stuck out maybe 7 or 8 feet and i was on the trunk in my self climbing tree stand. We started the hunt at about 5 or 5:30 that morning and it had just hit 1:15 when all of the sudden i heard a flutter of wings. At first i wasn't sure what was going on and then out of no where a fully grown red tail hawk landed on a branch no more then 5 feet from me. My heart started pounding and i wasn't sure what i should do if this thing notices me and attacks. He was a beautiful red tail hawk siting on a branch staring into the field looking for his next meal I bet he sat there for a good 15 minutes before he saw what his heart desired myself on the other hand did not see what he saw but when he flew a way the tree shook a little and my heart rate went back to normal we were unable to produce a deer that day but i went home with one heck of a story. Later that night when i got home i called my dad and told him about my hunt earlier that day and all he said was well thats enough to scare it right out of you. Take a kid hunting