Extreme Ice fishing for Walleyes

Discussion in 'Walleye Fishing' started by CaptainBrad, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. CaptainBrad

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    North Dakota
    This past weekend I went up to Lake Winnipeg in Canada (very near the famous Lockport known for giant channel cats) We were targeting walleyes through the ice. The fishing was good. We caught lots of really nice walleyes but it was the thickness of the ice that was most impressive. 52" of ice.

    The picture tells the story. I'm 5'7" and we were right to the powerhead on the auger when we hit water.

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  2. spoonfish

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    Wow that makes me cold just looking at it Brad. Good thing you didnt have a hand crank auger. Talked to a sponsor from Canada yesterday and he had 18" of snow on the ground. He said it was going to be nice out, 32 degrees LOL.

  3. whodaman

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    man if the ice is 52 inches thick then me and my hand auger are staying home!
  4. Mike81

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    Cool...reminds me of a funny story. Me and some buddies were ice fishing in Alaska. We had to put the extenstion pipe on the auger so we could get to water. One guy grabbed it without waiting for someone to help and went to town drilling. He only got about 6 inches or a foot and the auger bit caught on something and it slipped out of his grip at full throttle. It hit him in the side of the head and knocked him out. Looked like a Mike Tyson highlight film...lol It wasn't funny at the time, but he ended up ok and we been laughing about it ever since...:smile2: