Extracting Fish Oils

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    Original post made by Paul Louderback(Admin) on December 7, 2002

    Extracting Oil:

    This was told to me by a person who prepares Catfish Baits for a living ( Name With-held ).

    Exert of conversation:

    Fish oil can be extracted from almost any fish, “Use what is most readily available for profitability”, and the concentrated oil is very potent and can be spread to many tubs of bait. Cheese or other cheap filler is used to produce the volume needed to ensure the customer feels they are getting a good value.


    Readily available supply of baitfish
    Large Igloo Cooler with a drainage plug located at the bottom
    Rock type salt from the feed and seed store
    Mason Jar’s

    Note: After fish have had oil extracted they are preserved and can be placed in ziploc bags, then you can use a bag sealer to seal the fish and sell to bait stores for additional income. Fish when hooked, will still show signs of blood, perfect looking preserved bait fish, especially when taken out of the freezer.

    Note 2: Don’t by frozen shad from bait shops, you could be getting shad out of the freezer that a bait preparer done extracted most of the oil from.

    Methodology of extraction:

    Place igloo on floor and prop up the side opposite of the drainage plug. Igloo has to be elevated so Mason jar can be placed under plug.

    Place a light layer of rock salt on base of cooler.

    Layer of bait fish

    Than a light layer of salt just to cover the fish..

    Repeat process.

    After approximately 48 hours, your Mason Jar will be filled with liquid gold.

    I have tried this one time and was not patient or had enough shad, but it did work, pure shad oil.

    This is the basics of a lot of prepared catfish baits. Some will be more affluent and include diced shad in the mix to offer more catch-abilty for their bait.

    Above was shared for 2 reasons, (1) Most prepared baits are scams, (2) Most prepared baits are scams.