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    Try making this bait. It is basically an experiment, so you will be the first one to make or use it. Use it when the fishing is best. Post your results here when you have used it. I would appreciate it. Good luck...

    1 c. chopped baitfish (your choice)
    4 tbsp. garlic salt
    2 c. wheat flour
    1/2 c. cornmeal
    1 tsp anise oil or extract (optional)

    Blend them all together and add water for dough consistency. Keep in fridge in plastic not jar. If you make this bait, tell me what baitfish you used and whether you used the anise. If you ever catch a cat with this, tell me right away!

    Tight lines
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    Hey buddy it dont sound bad to me with those ingredients if there is a catfish in range it would be hard for him to pass it up experimenting is how all these different dip baits and home made baits came around. You never know when the next great cat bait will come along :wink:

  3. Justyn Catfisherman

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    I am going to try it tomorow night. Tell me how to post a question on here PM me if you can thanks.