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  1. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    I am 63 and have owned hundreds of rods and poles made of artificial materials in my lifetime.Also hundreds of cane poles.I can not remember a rod or pole costing me over $70.00.$25.00-$50.00 were my few high priced rods.Most of my rods & poles were under $25.00.

    I do have one GATOR built rod received as a gift.I do not know what they are sold for but mine is "Priceless" to me.I have yet to use it.

    Now,having never owned and used the high priced rods,I did dream about them.Being I fished so many different ways,I would have had to be wealthy indeed to buy so many different expensive rods.I was fortunate to live & move around where so many different types of fishing was available.I was able to fish Offshore to the Southern Appalachians to the Canadian border.Creeks,Streams,Rivers,Lakes,Bays,Sounds,Swamps and Tidewater.I fished the East and Gulf Coast from Canada to Mexico.Also the Bahamas,Nova Scotia,Scotland,Spain and a few other places while in the service.

    Would you folks who do own such rods like to share your thoughts,experiences,likes and dislikes about your rods and poles.I for one would like to hear from you and about them.This and looking at Bass Pro is as close as I am going to get.


    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  2. flathunter

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    my favorite rod is a 12 foot ugly stik bigwater rod in extra heavy action.

    this rod is rated at 24-ozs...I need it to throw heavy sinkers and bait to reach mid river holes.

    it cost me 80 bucks.

  3. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    My favorite rod is my Catfish Safari river rods $80 I have catfishing rods that cost upto $250 (just the rod no reel) but My $80 CS rods are my favorites!
  4. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    I just cant fathom spending hundreds of dollars on a pole, well maybe for 300 pound tuna. As far as fly rods I paid 90.00 for my combo and I see rods alone going for 700.00-1200.00, thats insane. I have a few ugly sticks including 2 tiger rods and most of my other rods are BPS brand and I love them better than some other brands like fenwick, browning, shimano, etc. that I own. As far as material, I do love graphite the best. JMHO
  5. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    I have a couple that cost more than they should...a 13' Breakaway, and a 6weight Orvis, but even those are mass produced rods, and fall far short of the $tratosphere.

    The only thing I can think of that is truly high priced, and can really justify it's cost, would be one of the custom bamboo (tonkin cane) flyrods handmade by a very few dedicated craftsmen. Like canvas wall tents and high end double guns, it takes a hopeless romantic in love with the idea to spring for one. Thank God, I'm not much of a flyfisherman.:wink:
  6. kscathunter

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    not calling you old or nothing:big_smile: but the price of every thing has gone up. a $80 rod now would have probally been a $50 rod 20yrs ago so id guess youve been fishing with some good stuff:wink: most $20-50 rods will usually get the job done the only reason to spend more is if your picky and want a rod to act a certain way or perform a specific task. and yes the more i spend on a rod to get what i want the happier i am. the most expensive rod i own is a catfish safari and for the short time ive owned it it looks to be my fav.
  7. Jaylake_21

    Jaylake_21 New Member

    I use cheap walmart rods, and am happy so far. I havent caught a 50 pounder or anything like that. When I do, and it breaks my pole, falls back into the water, and I cry like a baby, then Im sure I will upgrade to bigger and better poles.
  8. Tomahawk

    Tomahawk Well-Known Member

    For rods it's up to person in what there looking for. Over the years of catfishing I found only afew rods I really prefer. I Don't like the heavy weighing rods, like Diawa Beefsticks. The best light weight rods that have alot of backbone are St. Croix. Over the years I have broke plenty of second class rods on bigcats. Thats really fustrating. So far to date I've never had a problem with St. Croix rods. I know thier pretty expensive but I love the performence.
  9. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    I am old.The majority of the people I have known and most of my friends that I have made in life now reside in graveyards.I have to visit them there.This is just a fact of growing old.

    I remember saving up and buying my first rod and reel 54 years ago.77 Penn reel if I remember right.I don't remember the rod brand or the price.Man was I big time On the Santee with that rig.I was 9 years old and thought that I was 9 feet tall.I spooled it with gin-u-wine Dacron line!That old reel was as cheap as Penn made and did not even have a drag on it.I caught fish on it for over 30 years until it was stolen.Wore out several rods.Being I am a Glass man,the guides and such go.Never the blanks.

    Most of my Glass rods could be used to kill a Cotton Mouth or beat off a wild Boar hog.Nothing delicate.I had trouble keeping the fancy fiber "Graphite" from disintegrating.It is hard to get your lure back from 8-12 foot of Gator with such as I have often done.You hang a log in the Okefenokee or a Savannah River Slough and it is subject to start swimming off with your bait.Oh NO.Not my bait.They are too hard to come by.

    Thanks all.Keep it coming.I am enjoying reading about these "High Class" rods.They must be a joy to use.I have to imagine the difference.

    I have a son in law who bought a $900.00 rod to Salmon fish when he lived in Alaska.I think he went once and never went back.Seems as if he felt something blowing on his neck with a fishy breath.That Georgia cracker turned to come nose to nose with a curious friendly Grizzly.Seems as if the Bear was big enough to stand flatfooted nose to nose and look him straight in the eye.I have called him "Bear Bait"ever since.That boy ain't much of a fisherman.

    I have been told that you can often find very expensive rigs just thrown here and there in those Alaskan Salmon fishing areas.I think many of the guides fish with the very best for free.

    "Bear Bait"still has his rod.I think it was several days before they could pry it out of his hands.I think it was several days before he could move.I heard they hauled him off the river like one of those statues in them city parks.

    Now I admit I shouldn't be judging.The only stare down I ever had with a Bear was with a Black Bear Boar at at less than 30 feet.I looked down at him.And yes,I was close enough to to see it was a male.Noisy streams and big rocks can lead to surprises.It is nice when the Bears are nice.I really think I uglied this Bear down.

    Thanks again.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  10. PTDixieGal

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    Little Rock, Ar
    What I look for in a rod, basically, is can I use it easily and how strong it is. I do plan on getting another rod in the next year, as I usually run two rods when I fish. I don't care for rod holders much and I avoid them if I can, just the metal ones my dad found work great for me.

    My two rods are as follows:

    Zebco Z-glass with a Mitchell Avocet II spinning reel, 8 lb test line
    Shakespeare Ugly Stick Medium/Light duty with a Zebco 404 casting reel, 10 lb test line.

    Given a choice of the two rods I would pick the Ugly Stik any day. I do plan to get a reel with a higher gear ratio. But I've had the Z-glass for over ten years and it does the job...it's getting brittle but it still does the job.
  11. slabmaster

    slabmaster New Member

    i like my tiger rods 65 bucks each. i have to admit i do have 2 of the high end fly rods ozzy was describing . my wife still thinks the price tags were invoice numbers so shuuuu.
  12. catfishbills

    catfishbills New Member

    I love the durability of e-glass rods, but for certain applications use graphite composite rods...(drifting,bottom bouncing)When the weight of the rod doesnt matter e-glass. There's alot of quality rods made today and our sponsors have a lot to offer every type of cat man!:wink:
  13. willcat

    willcat New Member

    So far I just use the Ugly stick MH on all my cat rods.....Maybe someday I'll need something bigger!!
  14. HOPPY4

    HOPPY4 New Member

    Waldorf MD
    For me it is the rod of choice for what I am doing! I have rods ranging from $45 to $600+ and use them for the type of fishing at the time. The wife gave me 2 hand built 10ft. Kevlar rods for anniversary gifts and they are my most exspensive. The rod will allow you to play the fish, but the reel will be what brings them to you! I would have never considered equipment of this price range until I actually used them and know what the difference could be. Landing the fish with other equipment is not only possible, but also likely! Yet landing a fish with a higher end piece of equipement will make it more enjoyable. JMHO!!!!!!!!!!

  15. sherlockian

    sherlockian New Member

    For cats and surf fishing, I have never had a need for an expensive rod. I use my Berkley Big Game and Glowsticks, and the ever present Ugly Stik. Bass fishing is the exception. I have several G.Loomis rods that were around $250 each. These rods are technique specific and their sensitivity is amazing. I can feel a bass fart at 10'.:smile2: Do I catch more fish with these rods, probably not. Do I enjoy their sensitivity and light weight, definitely. When making 300+ casts in a short bass fishing day, the light weight of the rods is a blessing. Funny thing is, my daughter won an Ugly Stik spinning(6' Medium) at a casting contest and she loves it. She loves it so much I had to have one too. I got a 7' Medium Ugly Stik Lite Pro spinning that is a great rod for all around bass, bluegill, and especially eating sized channels. I have caught a ton of fish on this rod. The great thing about this Ugly, is I don't worry about breaking it or scratching it up in the boat. I just go out and fish. Maybe I am on to something here. We are going on a beach vacation in a couple of weeks and guess what rods I'm taking, my Big Game and my new Ugly Stik.
  16. bownero

    bownero Well-Known Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    Yes I'm guilty of spending a little more on higher quality rods and reels. I believe you get what you pay for. Well most of the time!:wink: I have a G-Loomis GL2 and a Cabelas IMX rod that's in the $150 range. Those rods are very light and sensitive. I use them for wiper and white bass, walleye too. My custom Black and Blue catfish rod is my pride and joy. It cost around $150 too. Maybe a little high priced for a catfish pole, but I like the fact it's what I wanted and made to my specifics. It looks cool too. I take darn good care of my tackle. My wife claims I spend more time taking care of my fishing equipment than spending time with her. LOL! I can probably get way more years of quality service from better quality tackle than the cheaper stuff. Better blanks, better guides and materials. But what it boils down too, if you take care of your equipment, it should take care of you too!:wink:

  17. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    Don't think they really count for "Expensive - High End" rods, but I have Ugly Stick Tigers and CatFishing Safari rods.. I like the Safari rods better than the Tigers.. Both good rods.. I LOVE the parachute cord wrapped grips on the Safari rod, the action is a bit sweeter as well... I have 2 Berkly Glowsticks as well which are ok, they are about half the cost but are not in the same league as the Tigers and Safaris, imho.
  18. hunted

    hunted New Member

    washington court house,oh
    i got a 12 foot master custom striker that i love.has some backbone to it.
    i also have 2 nine footers for channels that are tough to beat.
  19. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    My Favor rods are my Big Game and Rhino Rods, that only cost me 20 bucks and they works great.
  20. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    your first name
    I have two rods I consider expensive $60 each, a tiger ugly stick and a 11' catmaxx rod. I got them both on sale yet I still havent used them yet, too expensive. :wink::smile2: Seriously thinking about taking them back if they'll let me, my $30 ugly sticks are just fine.