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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by slimepig, Aug 20, 2005.

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    hmmm, well i may as well pick yalls brain n try here. I have a 60's model 9.5 evinrude. Ive had 2 different marine repair places tell me there aint nothin wrong with it, but I take it out on my boat and it quits after about 20 minutes great running. the last repair shop i took it to ran it for quite a while in their tank, cleaned the carb jets and said it was fine. they even put it on a 16ft bay boat and ran it all over the lake on their gas tank and mine. i thought it was fixed, but i take it to the river and it runs great for about 20 minutes and quits. i pull and pull on the rope and it might start, but wont keep runnin. sometimes acts like its flooded, sometimes like its starvin fer gas.
    its a shame cause when runnin this lil 9.5 will make my 14ft jonboat plane the water with about 600 pounds of weight in it.
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    It's like that with so many problems, you try to duplicate it for someone else and it runs perfectly.

    Take it out specificly to try and find the problem. When it quits on you the next time, check for spark. Run it close to the dock or near shore where you can do this. You'll probably need to take along some help to pull the rope while you check for spark.

    Fuel problems and ignition problems often times have nearly the same symptoms.

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    i dont know a whole lot about outboards.. have you checked your fuel tank so its ventilated while your going.. happened to me once on my boat.. the tank lid somehow got bumped so it wouldnt ventilate.. the boat just stopped running after 10 min or so.. took me a minute. but realized it might be that.. so i checked it and sure enough, i loosened it, primed the bulb once, and it ran fine the rest of the day.