Evinrude 3 cyl 70 hp

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    Connecticut woods
    This is a nice site here. Glad I found it. I gotta get CT on the map- we have catfish out here too just not too big.

    Anyway...I have this 3 cyl 1998 evinrude I spent every dime I had on and it ran great all year. The dope I bought it from disconnected the VRO and clipped the wire to the buzzer. Stupid me didn't check it and the thermostat got stuck shut on it and it started to run like heck. It pretty much died on me and I called for a budy to tow me back. The sucker started up after it cooled off but ran like turd.

    I pulled the head off and it all looks OK except the head gasket. No scoring inthe cylinders. They looks nice like they day they were honed at the factory. This thing overheated bad. Is there a chance something hidden is shot from the bad overheat? Could I have cracked the block? 4 of the botls broke right off. One of the heads came off as soon as the wrench touched it.

    I sure hope I may be locky and only wiped out the head gasket. The pistons look good too. Black on top but the edged are perfect. Any opinions are appreciated.

    Johnny W
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    It shouldn't have mattered if he cliped the wires at the tank or pump but if he cliped them at the horn in the control box, All I can say is that he shure doesn't need to be pulling wrenches for a living.

    If you got that motor hot enough to stretch those head bolts like that then there is no telling how much damage it did to the block. If you have decent compression then get a new head gasket and new thermostate new exhaust plate gasket and new water pump and check the head for warpage and put her back togeather. It may last a long time and it may unravle the first time out. Get that temp sender and horn hooked back up.

    You can check the head for warpage by placeing it on a piece of glass and see if there are any gaps between the flat surface of the head and glass.
    If there is a little you may be able to work it out by place some sandpaper on the glass and rubbing the head across the sandpaper and in a even fashion Not more weight on one side or the other. Its got to be even,

    Look at the impeller and see if it is the three finger one if it is get the updated one. If you need the number for the upgrade let me know.

    They changed the water pump on those engines because it was making air bubbles during water pick up and causing overheat.
    If you tell tell has been moved to the top of the motor I would say it has had the upgrade.