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The model and serial of the motor in the thread title is E75ERCLSA and serial is J0001239.

I bought a set of binnacle controls with the keyswitch and wiring harness from Ebay since I'm converting my side console to center. So far everything is good, plug from the wiring harness matches up with the motor and I'll get out the manual and meter and check out the switch this afternoon.

My question is the high-idle function. On my old controls it just has the lever to throttle up the motor without engaging the gears. I've never had a boat with binnacle controls and I'm wondering how to idle up the motor without engaging the gears.

Not sure how cold-blooded these old 'rudes are supposed to be, but mine always has to be throttled up high to start and then takes a bit to "warm up". It's been this way since I bought it, even after being tuned up and having the carbs rebuilt. The old controls show the "start" position of the throttle to be dang near wide open, so I'm assuming that's the way the good folks at OMC made it. I'm worried if I don't have the ability to open up the throttle without putting it in gear I'm going to have a heck of time getting her started. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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