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    hey everyone... so today my buddy told me he caught a 35 in flattie that weighed 30 pounds... i told him NO WAY, he's lying, etc etc...
    so, during lunch break i got to thinking... how about i graph all my flatheads caught by length vs. weight (digital scales only) and see how much he's lying....

    so what i did was plot 7 different weights and lengths in excel, graphed them and added a trendline with a formula... (a trendline is basically the AVERAGE line the plots make)... i have my graph to where you can take the formula, plug in the length of your flattie and out pops a good guess of the weight... (it also works in reverse order too)... of course you can always measure the fish and follow the graph with your finger to get a good guess as well...

    i figured this would be GREAT for people that don't have digital scales or have an unreliable spring scale..... everyone has a tape measure and that will be all you need!

    of course the graph is not perfect and the more data points i have the more accurate the trendline will be...

    so, i'm asking everyone to post the weight (DIGITAL ONLY PLEASE!!) and length of their flatheads caught... i will take all the data posted, add it to my graph and make the equation more accurate so all you have to do is know how long the fish is to get a good estimate of the fish's weight... (NO MORE BIG FISH LIES!!!!!)

    i have added a sample of the graph and what i'm trying to do... hopefully everyone can understand it fairly well and and will be able to catch people in them infamous HUGE fish tales...

    i'm also going to post this in other threads and maybe if it works well enough i could publish this kind of research!!!!

    thanks everyone!!! maybe after i get about 50 more data points we can all have an easier way to get a more accurate estimate of a fish's weight and/or length!!!!!!!
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    Sounds good to me. I don't own a scale of my own but I do keep a tape measure handy.