Evergreen from shore?

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  1. Luscious Jackson

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    Anyone have any luck from the shore out at the Big E? We've tried various spots out there including north of the swimming beach as the Park staff recommended but can't get much more than a couple decent eater-size cats. Anyone frequent this lake and if so, care to share some tips with some catch and release guys just looking fore a good time?
  2. coalminer78

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    Lincoln, IL
    My best luck came at mallards cove, five fingers cove, and whitetail slough. Caught a ten pounder at whitetail slough. Heard six mile is good as well as campground cove. This is about three old info. Fished there a lot when I was laid off, but have moved to Lincoln and haven't got up there. I only bank fished those locations by the way. I will try adding a map so you can see where the locations are if you or other viewer of this post doesn't know.


    Use the right mouse button to zoom and you can see the names of the coves.
    Hope this helps.