Ever walk the river for channels?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by odtimr, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Do you think this is a good idea? Anyone try it? This is my second year fishing here and have been fishing lakes only. I ran across an old fishing magazine article which featured an older gentlemen and his family that walked the river for channels, they would usually walk from a put in spot to a take out spot. They fished with only what they could carry, usually in an cloth lumber yard nail apron around their waists. Fished only with liver bought in large amounts, froze and carried in a reused peanut butter jar. Rigging they used a bobber, split shot and a small J hook kind of floating the rig ahead of them. They dragged a long dog leash chain hooked to a stringer for the fish. Article say they usually limited out by 10:00am, starting at sun up. The rivers are high now, but with irrigation will soon be able to walk it, think I will give it a try. Thanks for any help. Luck
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    I've done this on small rivers and streams and it is very productive. I usually use cut bait and float it just off the bottom adjusting depth alot, but you can catch alot more fish doing this than just fishing in one spot from the bank. If I come across a good spot for cats I will float the bait through it several times, often catching quite a few in one small area.

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    Isn't this kinda dangerous? I mean what if you're walking along and step into a hole that's over your head??? How can you tell a walkable fishing stream?:confused2:
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    I would be sure and take somebody for safety but be sure to post your results sound s interesting
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    I used to LOVE wading the Salt River for channel cats. I even made this little styrofoam caddy with my minnow bucket, and some gear that would clip onto my beltloop. I would wade, and fish with a minnow and bobber early in the morning. Did pretty well, and had alot of fun. Normally, I would take a buddy along. One time I didn't, and guess what....FLASHFLOOD!!! I was about a half mile DOWNSTREAM from a low-water crossing. Not a cloud in the sky, but the river came up before I knew what was going on. Water started out about waste deep in most spots, to chin deep within about 5 minutes. I managed to fight my way up a mud bank, and walked back through head high stinging nettles, and cut-grass. BUMMER!!! In all seriousness, I almost didn't make it out, and haven't been wading again. Lost a stringer full of fish, and a few other things. So, if you do go wading, have fun, and BE CAREFUL because things can go bad quickly and unexpectedly. It's good to know the weather conditions within about a 20 mile radius. Not trying to scare anybody, but it can, does, and has happened. I guess you could make it a point to go upstream, but that depends on where the fish are, and who's property you are on, and stuff like that.
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    i used to wade a small river near my uncles place in Iowa. we always went in pairs and had a good topo map to point out the holes.
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    when i go to oklahoma, we walk the creeks that feed into the south canadian and washita rivers. we mainly just fish the bends and at the tpo of holes, and do pretty good on the channel cats. we use fresh livers and cut carp for bait.
    if you're going to walk rivers, be sure not to go alone.
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    I tried it one night and all I got was snake bit!
    My ex-brother-in-law and I was fishing the Neosho River a few years back.
    The river was pretty low and the spot we were fishing wasn't doing anything?
    We got this bright idea to walk along the river a little and fish, then we ended up walking in the river fishing.
    We criss crossed the river a couple miles and was headed back. We would walk in the river and sometimes on the bank. It was dark and no light so we didn't know what we were walking into?

    We had walked the bank for a while and found this spot and decided to try there awhile?
    The back of my leg, (just above my boots) was burning a little, we had just walked through a bunch of stickers and I thought that was what was causing the burning?
    We fished for 30-45 minutes and the burning got worst. I decided to check my leg and see what was going on, and there it was, two fang marks and the back of my leg was swollen and red.

    We were getting a few bites and I didn't want to leave, and finally after 3 hours, I had enough and we headed home?
    Even though I had a great time, we didn't catch anything and I was sick for four days.

    I didn't have any insurance at that time and didn't want to go to the doctor, so I just waited it out and took what ever over the counter med's I could get to help the pain and burning.

    Now when I think about it, it scares me to death and I'm pretty careful where I fish. I like to be able to see what is going on around me?

    I have lost a lot of good fishing spots due to snakes, but I have also found some pretty good ones.

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    I don't know about some of the larger rivers but around here its a good option. Usually walk along the bank or in the shllow parts and fish just past the shallows.

    Some good scouting usually pays off to avoid those stinging nettles and in a southern case poison ivy and oak. Always be careful as you can see from other posts watch for snakes and any other critters.

    Usually never worried about falling in holes because knew most of the water I fished in. You can , however take a long walking stick with you to probe the water to watch for holes or simply feel the bottom with your foot before putting your weight down on it.

    The hardest part for me is up and down the banks. I can't do thst anymore because of bad knees but enjoyed that type of fishing greatly in the summertime in my younger days.
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    Heck, Thats the best way to get em! Look>> **CLICK~HERE**
    it was only a chub but I usually use them for bait but that one was too big for that & we already had some worms! C.P.R. !

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    I have done it on Suger creek using a floating minnow bucket and a Fly flshing vest......Jeff :big_smile: