Ever Used A Spear?

Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by Stormin_Mormin, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Stormin_Mormin

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    I have heard of people using spears to hunt hogs, up in tree stands before, just wondering if anyone has ever done it, and what they would use for a spear.
  2. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    I have used a spear when I trained in Hung gar kung fu back in my youth but havent had the pleasure of a hog hunt yet. I've heard people use them (safer then a knife), I'd try it if i could.

  3. bgbluecat

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    Don't know about spears from tree stands - people I had experience with did it afoot and up close. May be different elsewhere but on this ranch outside Refugio, TX these boys would gather up pretty good sized group of riders and a big pack of dogs. Part of getting started was putting different dog packs together and letting them sort themselves out. They'd keep the pitbulls leashed in carriers on back of ATVs. Strike hounds would go out into brush chase down hogs, most riders on horseback (chaps, vests, masks, goggles and some protective gear for the horses) some on ATVs. Hounds bay up a pig, sound like a fight or they bay long means a big one - if fight short or baying stopped, it was a small one and the pack killed it. Get there for a big one, leash up the hounds and turn the pits loose. When they have the hog stretched out it becomes hunters choice. I've seen some go in close and shoot them with a pistol. Others use edged weapons - knife, hatchet, cleaver or such. A few did use spears although I never saw them throw one. They waded in among the dogs and drove it in with both hands with some weight behind it and hung on.
    Most common injuries on these hunts came from sharp sticks jabbing you in various places while trying to catch up with the dogs, taking a dive during the chase and having a horse or ATV roll over you or getting bit bad by a dog while getting in among them to kill the hog.
    I had a fellow weld me up a hog spear head and I mounted it to a 6' long 1" shaft. By time I got ready to go out to the ranch, the owner got drunk and fell off his horse during a night chase and killed himself. His wife immediately ended all hunting of any kind on the ranch. Haven't been able to get back in with a group like that again.
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    theres nothing more rugged than killin a hog with a spear