Ever use a "Spiral" Rod?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Mr.T, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Mr.T

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    Saw a web site the other day where the guy custom makes these "Spiral" guide fishing rods, mostly big rods for deep-sea fishing but they could be used for big catfish as well.

    They're a baitcasting rod but the guides spiral around from the top of the rod to the bottom within the bottom 2 or 3 guides, so it acts like a spinning rod on the end with the guides below the blank rather than on top as with a baitcasting rod. Supposed to be superior to a "traditional" baitcasting rod.

    Wonder if anyone here has tried one?
  2. Gator

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    As far as them being superior to a "traditional" baitcasting rod I am unsure of that. They were first used as a proto type for the handicap but have been adapted to other styles of fishing. They are very good rods but they cost a little more to make. The real difference in the construction is the spine of the rod is placed like you would for a spinning rod. But the handle and reel seat are set up for a casting rod.

  3. crazy

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    You would think that they would not cast as far. Being that the line has to move in a spiral around the rod. Not a straight line like for a spinning or casting rod.
  4. Mutt

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    my wife has one and she just dont like it at all it dont cast well for her i can get longer casts with it then she can. sure glad we didnt pay much for it it was in a big lot of fishing gear we boguth from a guy.
  5. Mark J

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    You can count on losing 10-15% of your casting distance.
    There are advantages to each type of rod and these type rods take the best from both and combine it.
    I think the idea itself is over a hundred years old and was first used in Europe.
    I've built several myself and still have a light action one with a custom solid oak reelseat.
    I used metallic candy apple red, silver, and gold threads on that rod with a diamond buttwrap along with gold double footed Fuji eyes put in place with a 3 color thread wrap.
    It's my looker.