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    NOrmally i don't have to much to say. i'm a live and let live kinda guy, but i think this is something that everyonemight have a post or 2 about.
    you finally get out of the house to go on a fishin trip, just a little time away for some peice and quite, sorta, arriving at the river you go sliding down the bank on piles of rotten carp and gar, tripping over line strung everywhere, not sure where to put your feet because you can't see the ground. you finally get setup, after kicking yourself a clear spot holding your nose the entire time.
    you think you got a bite, but nope, the guy next to you has snagged your line. i can live with that, lord knows i've crossed a line or 2, but not 8 times in one hour.
    even with all this you manage to catch a decent size channel and while you've got your back turned taking the hook out, 2 guys try to crowd in to your hole.
    what happened to ethics and common courtesy? what happend to picking up after yourself? what happened to common decency?
    i'm sure i'm not the only one this has happened to, but it kills to lose a good hole because some (parental editing) thinks its not his problem.

    ok, crawls down off the soap box. vent over.
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    Lebanon, I
    So, you fished the Carlyle spillway recently? :roll_eyes: I have that problem all the time. Not to mention the people fishing illegally (no license). A couple of years ago I was fishing there and a guy politely asked if the spot was taken next to me. It was early in the morning and he was going to set up a good 40-50 yards downstream from me. He asked politely, so I said "sure". He stayed in his spot, I stayed in mine, and we both caught fish and had a good coversation over the next couple hours. All of a sudden a family of 4 people crowd in BETWEEN us and start throwing lines EVERYWHERE. They crossed one of my lines right away and I'm sure they threw 2 or 3 lines across his. He was extremely upset, pulled out his cell phone, acted as if he was speaking with someone and then announced in a loud voice "the game warden is on his way and they are checking licenses". This family and probably another half dozen people grabbed their gear and RAN up the bank to their vehicles. Evidently there were several who did not have a license. One of those who ran pulled out a fish basket loaded with 4-6" crappie, white bass, and what appeared to be walleye. Unfortunately, I have never been checked at Carlyle in 15 years. If the rules aren't enforced, things will only get worse :sad2:

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    Lebanon, I
    Sorry if I got off on a tangent, but I am pretty fired up! Whenever I leave a fishing spot, I ALWAYS take a bucketfull of trash with me that some slob throws on the ground. Is it really that difficult for people to pick up after themselves?
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    Big Rock, IL
    Your experiences sound like mine. I too have a few ethics questions to add.
    • What happened to getting your boat ready ahead of time and not hogging the ramp for 20 minutes?
    • What happened to docking your boat on the OTHER side of the dock so that the the next guy could back down while your out looking for a parking spot.
    • And speaking of parking spots. What happened to people reading and obeying signs. If the sign says BOAT TRAILER parking ONLY, then NO, you may NOT park your car there... or on the grass... or in the Handicapped parking spots, or where vehicles with trailers can't make a turn because of you.
    • Why when a lake has built so many places to shore fish, must you still fish on the boat ramp.
    • And the one that REALLY gets me... NO, your children may NOT swim
      in the water at the bottom of the boat ramp! (Their "mom" was right there watching them too. I have to ask what kind of mother allows their kids to be in danger like that!? Geesh!)
    I saw every one of the things you mentioned as well as the ones above this last weekend. These things happening at one of my favorite parks too. What a mess! Thank God most of that was do to the holiday visitors.

    Common decency and ethics? Heck most of those people have no idea what that means. Nor (IMHO) are they good parents or role models for the kids they are raising!

    There, I feel better now too. Thanks for letting me vent.

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    Sorry I'm afraid those words don't exist any longer in our every day vanacular! It sure is a shame too. It's all about me and what makes me happy it's not at all about what will others think,they just flat out don't give a flip what you and I think!:angry:
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    I lost one my favorite spots to bank fish 2 weeks ago. It is a public park, with houses all around, on one of the lakes I fish. It's a small point with a boat ramp on one side and a fishing pier at the end. I ussually fish between the two. 2 weeks ago I got there around midnight and a bunch of drunk idiots were yelling and gennerally making noise, they also decided they could build a huge bonfire and set up tents. This is a PUBLIC park. Since then they put up no fire and nocamping signs but the worse part is they put up a gate and lock it at 10 pm.:sad2:
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    I think it should be mandatory for jet-skiers to pass a boating safety & ethics class. The jet skis are what tick me off the worst. I use 2 of them quite often in the summer, but I dont do it where there are folks who TRYING TO FISH!!!!!

    We were at Ft. Cobb lake in central Oklahoma fishing last weekend, and you wouldn't believe the morons wheeling around there on the jet skis. We had set out some juglines and noodles (our first attempt ever at using them) and we were fishing with rod & reel nearby, in order to keep an eye on our gear. The jugs and noodles were set in water 6' deep and shallower. The freakin' jet ski twerps were cutting through our noodles and jugs like it was some kind of obstacle course. We were fishing about 75 yards from the bank off a point, and these guys on the jet skis repeatedly shot across our lines, between the boat and the bank. This wasn't for an hour or so, it was everytime we went out, at different parts of the lake, all freakin' weekend. The skiers and tubers were little better. If they saw a boat somewhere, they were gonna give you a fly-by to investigate. You may've been 40 yards from the bank with a mile of open water to the other side, but they were gonna buzz within 30 yards of your boat every time.

    We finally just decided to fish after the sun went down. Much easier to steer clear of the dummies.
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    im glad i dont live where yall live around here (knock on wood) its not that bad , oh we do have our share of idiots but we normaly throw large sinkers at them till they get the point
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    Some people do not care at all for others just thenself. I had a boat pull up 50yd. behind me on the river. thru 8oz. lead down stream a few times they moved.
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    while we are on inconciderate people I was fishing with dear ol dad tied up to some trees trying to catch some crappie and we hear this bass boat flying up to us and kept going i thought we were going to capsize then about 10 minutes later here he comes back we were holding on for dear life and then the noise was crazy wham he hit a stump that was just under the water I never saw a boat sink so fast Im sorry after i quit laughing we asked if everyone was ok they were fine just wet they swam to shore and that was the last we saw of them
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    Jarrod Oklahoma just passed a law that folks under 16 I believe must take a boaters safety course in order to ride jet skis.They must also be within 150 yards of an adult.
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    thats the law in good ol pennsylvania